The RETURN of #BlackV*. An iconic moment

With the upcoming release of V2, the thing that excites me the most is the return of #BlackV*.

I know that many of you are probably are curious as to what #BlackV* is… and I’m not even sure that’s there is a way to explain it.

#BlackV* isn’t a team or a group. It’s just a section of V* where a lot of the Melanin-Filled (and some others) content creators would get together to have a wonderful time. Sometimes our post ended up going viral (My Pussy Pops Severely and Jefferson/Bushwick are two examples) and some of our people who were a part of the #BlackV* community have skyrocketed into fame Nick Nack PattiWhack and LalaSizaHands are two examples. Some of our hashtags left lasting impressions such as #VogueSunday started by PackRat.

This was a part of the original that was so involved that we would spend HOURS upon HOURS just sitting back and enjoying ourselves. We would have roasting sessions. We would have real talk sessions. We would have straight our beefs with one another. We would make amends with one another.

Some of our greatest moments would be that we would take things to the next level and do the absolute most. Antoine Tate, a wonderful member of #BlackV*, put together an ENTIRE award show called the #BlackV*EntertainmentAwards, TWO years in a row. We all got dressed up in our homes and just celebrated the night away.

Hell, some people in #BlackV* even went as far to creating an entire play out of 6 second clips. It was the most entertaining thing that I’ve ever experienced.

Some of my closest friends come from #BlackV* and we even have a group on FaceBook that we use to keep in contact with one another.

So, when you ask if I’m hype… All I can say is… HELL TO THE YESSSSS!


You answered my question about what that is :+1:

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Haha. I figured that someone would pop in and ask.

Yasssss omg I remember the black v*ne award show. So iconic :clap:

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Oh yea Ik about y’all its competition now I’m sorry not sorry for future reference :heart:

So happy for y’all :two_hearts:

I miss headgraphix…

lol why is it a competition tho?

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another staple of #BlackV*.
absolutely iconic and original content.

BlackVine was always very entertaining, and I loved PackRat, she brought Voguing to Vine in a big way. Even I joined in! Where is she, btw? Is she on the Twitters?

I hope there will be a gay version of BlackVine on V2 so I can join in. I’m so white I’m nearly transluscent. :joy:

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Wow, very interesting seems fun

Haha! PackRat is still living in Los Angeles and working as a Vogue Instructor!

Her Instagram is packrat. She doesn’t really use Twitter.

The real gag about #BlackV* is that we were one of the most influential groups on the app.

Granted, a lot of our stuff didn’t go viral but people were always watching.

Hell, more than once a week, one of the more popular viners would see a vine that we made and then remake the same exact vine for a bigger audience. T E A.

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Don’t forget the ‘pull the plug’ movement :joy::joy::joy:

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We were MAD petty, yo.

Great, thanks, found her on Insta. Are you there, too?

Who was that bitchy white queen who was in the ShadyGang who looked like Annie Lennox? He was hilarious, too.

My IG is Charleszyyy.

You’re speaking of Christoph. His IG is ChristophPowers.

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Also, just here to note that we have some good shit planned. :wink:

Wow this brings me back :joy: and frfr I’ve even had tweets stolen and got way more clout than mine :man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4: