The Responsibility of Social Media Platforms

Hello all! Given the respectful nature of this forum, I figured it would be appropriate to ask everyone their opinion on something that I have been considering as of late. As technology and social media have taken the world by storm, a big question that has been arising has to do with the responsibility of platforms to monitor and censor content based off of perceived “abuses” or “offensiveness.” In the context of free speech, this type of activity has worried many, who see this as a slippery slope to silencing groups or individuals that hold unpopular opinions. As we are all witnessing the birth of a new social media platform, v2, it seems paramount to discuss this topic. My opinion is that the responsibility for filtering content ought to belong solely to the individual. In this sense, my idea would be classed as libertarian in that it accepts the possibility of viewing undesirable, offensive, or abusive content, which in all actuality may not even be completely eliminated by means of censoring, in exchange for a truly free internet platform. It seems to me that offensive content ought not affect a viewer to such a degree that he would do away with any sort of freedom to have never viewed it. Finally, I believe that such filtering harms society as a whole, as it habituates people to having “soft-skin” so to speak, and not learning to cope with the realities of rude and offensive behavior in the world. Thus is question is this: what is the responsibility of social media platforms to monitor and filter the content on their websites? I am really interested to hear everyone’s ideas on this topic, as I am sure that there will be many and differing ones! Thank you!


i agree, 100%!

social media definitely isn’t what it was before in so many ways! while social media today may seem “ruthless”, it does not compare to the myspace era lmao

censoring creates this weird realm of half-education where people are only willing to hear one side of an argument. they’ll see posting factual evidence/experience supporting an opposing as an attack and use this as a reason to attack others. i fall victim to this as well but i’ve worked on it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i come across opinions i think are asinine all the time, and sometimes i definitely have to loudly share why i think it’s asinine, but i’m always open to creative discussions. we should be able to hear opinions of others without feeling so negatively, (at least 87% of the time) and we should be able to discuss them. censoring opinions that aren’t popular doesn’t really allow that to happen


I also agree! I would love to hear a different opinion on this topic! :blush:

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yeah I definitely agree! as I am a person who lives in a house with EXTREMELY opinionated people, I’ve learned to hear more than one story to different things and learn how to feel based on how I perceive that information. however, I would like to mention that there’s a difference between sharing your views and just being down right rude, but I’m sure everyone understands that :blush: