The rebyte epidemic

Holy hell. This is already worse than Vine ever was. Can’t even scroll through the app for 5 seconds without seeing strictly rebytes of garbage videos. What happened to originality first? Whole app is full of self-absorbed clout chasers rebyting one another and taking over the whole app.

This is the type of behavior that ruined Vine. If you don’t put some sort of limit on it or otherwise control it it’s going to destroy the app. Hope this helps!


Don’t think it’s really feasible. Rebytes are gonna be important for the future. But maybe it’s too early to have them turned on. Idk. But yeah I’ve seen some really really bad rebates. Unfollowing/blocking those people. But if this is the popular content rn…


maybe have the option to “hide rebytes by this user” when you choose to follow the person.

That way you would have the option to not view rebytes


It’s not just that, rebytes push post in the algorithm. So it’s like they are stealing spots from creators that deserve it.


I just rebyte videos that I like seeing. Tbh, I get a lot of good vids in my feed and only follow users who’s content I like


And this is why the feature is good on it’s own, it’s a feature I love because it helps me discover people!

But it only works this way when people are rebyting what they actually enjoy. Which isn’t the case right now


yep, it’s the clout chaser effect. they’ll do anything and just like, rebyte, follow whatever it is it doesn’t matter. i’ve seen the behavior on instagram & then they go thru and take back their likes and follows after they’ve gotten what they want. that’s why you have services that literally tell you who unfollowed you, find out whose fake and unfollow them right back.


luckily I just rebyte what I like but when I see someone rebyting a bunch of posts I DONT particularly enjoy I just… Unfollow. Don’t forget thats still an option guys!


I just made a long post about this exact topic, inspired by a post @LittleDewDroplets made yesterday.

But I agree, it’s already an epidemic and is out of control.

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I agree, 100%. As is with any social media platform that is created and encourages people to use it as a means to get popular, Byte is no exception when it comes to people taking shortcuts. I guess that’s just the nature of the game, and it definitely sucks to be making original content only to get a few likes from random people whereas others saturate their accounts with hundreds of rebytes.


Okay sure, Rebytes can be exploited, but rebytes are vital to the growth of a user. Like @bails said, nothing is stopping you from unfollowing a user so you don’t have to see the rebytes. For a lot of users, they just rebyte a lot of stuff they like, and I don’t see a problem with it.


If you partake in anything that resembles a “rebyte group” you’re a clout chaser and an active reason the app is already terrible.


Being in this forum has just proven its worth. Because of this thread, I’ll be more judicious with rebytes. It used to frustrate me when viners better known than me would hardly ever revine my content. Now I have a better understanding of one of the myriad reasons.


The more you silence people, the more noise will be made.


yeah. forum is really cool. im using it more than the app right now. So if they app could have the forum enegry that would be cool.


Limit the amount of rebytes one can do per 24hr period. Problem sorta solved.

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Please let us hide reBytes. My eyes! My precious eyes! Thanks.


I agree

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I do not rebyte, but for very very rare occasions, and the reason is simple. People may like my videos, but they may not like what I like. The rebyte feature is making it hard for people to see the content from the people they want to see. I know this because it’s making it hard for me to see the people I want to see personally. And that may mean they are missing likes and it can be not only demoralizing for creators to see their numbers slip because simply following one new person can push the videos of people WAY down in the feed it seems, but also hard for people who simply want to be able to watch the people they want with out having to look them up all the time. The app is new, people don’t know how to use it well and they may not even know the names of the people they are following yet. And that is going to push people away in my view, if not it already is.


I think we DO need rebytes though. They are an essential part of what made Vine such a strong and creative community.

We just need to be able to choose to switch them off for certain people.

It was a feature of Vine that I loved. It’s an ace way to find great new people to follow, show love to a particularly genius Byte, or share a collab you’re part of.

But on Vine we had the ability to hide revines from certain people. That way if someone is just rebyting for likes or follows or for the hell of it then you can hide just their rebytes.

For example I, like everyone, think Erika is queen of all, but my feed is all Erika rebytes when she starts hitting that rebyte button. Though I appreciate the whole thing and love the craziness of it, I’d like to nope out of that for a bit.

We can still go to a profile and view rebytes but, as @ThinkFact says, I miss so much in my feed when it’s crammed full of people I don’t follow.

So pretty please let us choose.