The Reason why everyone is quitting the app is Mods

Cause Faizal told me too wait I have that proof too

wait for?

where is that from; link the reply

The post you deleted

how’d you find it?

I went to that post

link it to me then.

that :point_up: explains :point_down:


How many people reported what do I know if you all lying

There are somewhat 120-150 people on forum active so what do you mean by many :joy:

  1. No, we do not group all together and attack the community
  2. I do not know all the mods on the byte forums personally and the same goes the other way around
  3. The in app mods are not the same as the people on the forums. They are actual employees
  4. No “truth” was said about the app that we as mods closed down. We close topics down because they go Off Topic and become irrelevant or toxic.
  5. I do not know of a single individual who has left the app and the community because of mods.

Im all for fair criticism of the mods, and am completely down for telling us as to what we are doing wrong, but these type of baseless and empty attacks are not only pointless but end up painting you in a bad light. If you have some actual good criticism with proof and legit concerns contact us directly or cami_p.


there were 417 users in the last 7 days

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1 - yes
2 - okay
3 - no one knows that
4 - mods close all the topic where truth about them is there
5 - oh I know so many

How do you know as you told you left the mods

That can be fake or clickbait like on Twitter they did

  1. Show me proof
  2. Because of the fact that we all do not know eachother, we cant simply group together.
  3. We do know that it has been confirmed by dom multiple times.
  4. Show me a single post which we closed that exposed byte…
  5. again show me a single individual that left the app specifically due to mod involvement


I will send everything to you in
And the last one I have group of people saying they left it because of mods with big names in it will show with proof or else you will be like where is proof so wait for a day
And I never told that anyone exposed byte lol change your sentence. I am saying exposed mods