The Reason why everyone is quitting the app is Mods

I will tell you why everyone is quitting the app and stop making bytes. The mods here think they have all the power and they can do whatever they want and support only each other and their friends (80% mods not all). If you say something truth about the app or community the mods close the topic and send negativity as if it’s our fault. And when we say something about them, they group up and argue and never open the topic again cause they have the power to do that. The only way I see the app working is remove all the mods from the community and app for sometimes as there are not many users using it tho so for around 1000 users 100 mods is too much 1-2 should be fine. I will get all the negative comments as the people who are using the app never really open up because what if they do comment the truth and then the mods won’t let them grow. They are scared.

this made no sense. there are only like 5 active mods on the forums and they have nothing to do with in-app moderation.


plus we dont know how many mods are in-app


You are one

Community too they lock the forum post without any reason like if you want to you can message us and then if it does not get resolved there you can lock it

I honestly don’t believe people have left the forum because of moderators. For the most part everyone leaving left for their own personal reasons. Tik tok being a recurring reason, and I don’t think byters are running there for the moderation.

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every closure has a message, if not we talked to the author and got permission

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Not to me you have locked my many posts

im not a mod anymore for personal reasons (believe i left on good terms).

link it

I have screen shot of the chats wait

thats not a topic

All of them had reasons


self explanatory

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Yes but I told you all in the chat that I can change the topic but you all just argued

I made that topic and then someone else from the mods or partner made same topic and their topic remains open and mine closed because they were telling me that my topic was a copy :joy: you all are favouring

No no, you argued. You didnt like that your topic was closed, but we have rules (that i still dont know if you’ve read you dont have the badge). We follow the guidelines here, as well as a universal forum etiquette.

Duplicates need to be closed

But your case was a bit strange, because you completely changed your topics contents


Now I will tell you all the future what’s going to happen in this post (Ryan will tell faizal about this and then Faizal will tell the whole mods team and they all will argue with me instead of thinking about it and then my post will be deleted)