The Reallyahmed Story

"Pre-Announcement of Postponement"

So it all started in the summer of 96 (jk i was born in the winter of 96)

I started my Instagram account back in January 2017 and till now have gained 14k followers and about 640 subs on YouTube. UNFORTUNATELY, my account on Instagram has been shadowbanned and due to this I probably won’t be able to grow on that platform unless I “growth hack” myself through bots and fake followers/engagements.

During my time on Instagram, all of my friends would wonder why I haven’t started on Vine… I would have easily made it there. Well, it was too late. however, when the news of v2 came up I KNEW this was my opportunity to get back on it and really make a name for myself.

"Post-Announcement of Postponement"

So yea…its delayed. it sucks… I got no words to describe the crappy feeling I got in me right now. I do still have huge faith in v2 but at the same time, I gotta look out for what my goals are and when I’d like to achieve them. I assumed v2 to be out by July which would have been perfect for an app release, however it is clear as day that it would be postponed months, probably years. and I can’t honestly wait that long which is why I’ll change up my plans.

"The New Plan"

I will be making another Topic about social media and how to grow on them, aka “using the algorithm to your advantage” and so on, as I’m looking forward to working my HARDEST and getting your help…the most amazing community that I’m extremely lucky to have the opportunity of being a part of. That TOGETHER we CAN make it work on Youtube or even Instagram or ANY social media platform. And so I URGE you all to start working NOW. on any platform to get a NAME for yourself!

imagine if v2 comes out and you’re starting fresh…with 0 followers VS the person who has already amassed a following from other apps…they would just drive all the traffic to v2 giving them an early headstart…so this is me telling you guys TO GET THAT HEADSTART IN.

ily and ill see you guys in the next post :heart:


I’ve checked out your instagram and youtube channel brother and I can honestly say that you would’ve made it big on Vine. To amass 13k followers on instagram purely based on your short yet relatable videos is something that YOU CAN BE VERY PROUD OFF! :hugs: . However you shouldn’t be satisfied with that, you no that feeling that you felt when you found out that v2 was coming out, the pure joy and excitement, you could picture yourself in the big leagues. V2 is most likely not going to come out anytime soon, but don’t let the time you’ve spent on the forums go to waste, use the knowledge and the connections you’ve made on the forums to your advantage and let that feeling of excitement drive you to succeed regardless of whatever app it maybe. But most importantly we can all help each other get to that goal as long as we still continue to work with each other. I feel your pain bro :two_hearts:


YESSS exactly…and I do posses good knowledge on growing on Social Media that I would be more than happy to share with all of you! Because honestly as cliche and Disney as this sounds…working together, we would achieve so much more beyond our expectations.


Engagement groups is the way to go! I hope people don’t lose hope and think that V2 was the only option


Maybe next time don’t use the same hashtags continuously? :joy:


I love you too Mom.


hashtags wont be working for me anyway since i’m shadow banned but yea, using the same hashtags is pointless

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You’re absolutely right. Not to sound cheesy or anything but I am so fortunate and grateful to be a part of these forums. I am willing to work with you to make our dreams come true.


I thought V2 was where I was going to get my start, but now I realize that I might have to start somewhere else. Any recommendations on what platform?

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You can try YouTube, musically.

Honestly, even if v2 did come out, you should expect work to do to get to the top. Just because you weren’t the first to be on any other platform doesn’t mean you can’t still make your way to the top! You have to work hard, be consistent, and be patient. And soon enough, before you know it you’ll be where you want to be. And when you get there, you push even further! Don’t give up just cause v2 isn’t out.


i’m quoting you on this later

That was honestly inspiring. And I never even knew shawbanning was a thing lol.

you got it

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I’m trying out Musically rn

Yo same I just made an account

What’s ur account I’ll follow

Thanks man. It’s @masonbchillin. There’s not much on it rn just learning my way around the app. I’ll follow you back k?

Alrighttt dawg sure

I’ll be @dej0ur on musically

Added ya add back to confirm