The Re-invasion of Viners

When byte starts do you think that the old viners will really “return”. I mean they might make bytes but will they really be like they once were. If i was in their position and i had a huge following on youtube I wouldnt risk spending much of my time on byte if it were to lessen the quality of my videos. I am glad that byte wont just be a platform for old viners to return but for a new generation of content creators to start.

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This topic has been made before, long ago, but I do want to give my opinion again.

While everyone IS welcome, there is not much a point. Successful Viners who have already made an online career for themselves are already all set. While they are already successful, there is not much of a point in specifically returning.

It would be nice for this generation of online creators to work to create an online career and have fun, just like what the past generation did before us.


i agree and i am excited

this exactly is my point and reply to all threads such as these. i truly don’t see the point of successful viners taking a step back, instead of moving forwards with their careers, i honestly would just cus of how much i love the short looping video format :stuck_out_tongue:


They already made so many vines I think that they wouldn’t want to make more

Some will return because the platforms usually change. AIM was a popular messaging platform until it wasn’t. Early adopters are bound to win and then it’s oversaturated like every platform and then onto the next thing

This is preety true and false at the same time. When vine was a thing people got famous and still did youtube and vine now they are doing youtube and twitch so it could soon be byte and youtube and twitch because there is obviously gonna be a way to monetize bytes

In my opinion, I think that the successful and popular viners would most definitely join Byte. However they most likely won’t be putting their time and effort in the app. We probably might only see a post from them twice a month or so.

honestly ive done some research and found that only the small viners may make a comeback, those with 100k-1m back in the day

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You don’t have to make a career out of it or do it to collect followers or to get famous, etc… If that is the only reason people create and they don’t want to come back because they’ve already been there and done that as far as becoming famous and that is what it means to be “successful” and only with that intent, then good riddance. Too much focus on collecting followers and not enough on creating for just the love of creating independent of what others are doing. The people that get a thrill out of collecting followers and selling out to popular appeal to feel validated, they will come back. The people that just love to create, they will join too. There can be all kinds of different motivations to join. Everyone will be curious at least and will probably join at least to see what it is all about and how it compares to other services that offer you a platform to express yourself.

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I would assume they’d come in just to be on the medium and try it out, but the formula likely won’t be the same as before. Their audience has already migrated to other platforms so the chances of them regaining the level of notoriety they had on Vine is a lot more mixed.

all i meant was that old vinders might be too busy creating content for other platforms to create as much as they used too. Nothing to do with money

What makes me feel calmed is the fact that dom stated in some tweets that small creators would be helped since the app is for us

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It’s unlikely. Any old viners that still have an online presence have migrated to other platforms and are making different content. A few viners have expressed interest in byte already, but only passively and not as a platform for their most elaborate work

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