The progress on the app (3 week review)

Has the app grown since the app was released. I remember the night the app came out everyone was hyped about it. Hell even my first byte low-key blew up but I think that even with over a million downloads in the first week that people just don’t use it as much anymore. Highest like on the popular page is over 1k but before it used to be from 3k to 20k.

Lately I might have seen some improvement in humour in the app and the vine energy coming back but we need more people to bring content


I mean it’s like you said in the title the app is 3 weeks old. Yeah release was crazy but it was a lot of “Oh Viners became famous, so will I! How hard can it be”. Now that a lot of people have realized overnight success doesn’t exist a lot of people left. This is what I found out because some public users added me in insta chats and basically that’s what I retained from their whining lol. But yeah Dom said himself that the drop was anticipated after the initial hype died down. So if it’s according to plan I guess there’s nothing to worry about for now at least. :slightly_smiling_face:


The app is fresh, it still needs time to grow and flourish.
And overnight success is so rare that most people just give up.
But I’m glad that we still have people supporting the community and promoting it😊


Hey I have so many ideas that I can use should I use them now cos to me they’re so funny but I feel that it won’t get to much people when I upload it


I get that the app is fresh and the real people that stated for the app like us are still here so hopefully soon the app will be greater now with it organically growing like tomwho said


So it’s one of those things where I’m not gonna tell you what to do cause nothing is certain. However I can tell you this, absolutely if you wait you could get more likes and stuff. But I was in beta and I know of a few people who kept their “good jokes” for launch. Since they didn’t have much of a fan base they’re account is pretty much flatlining now, so make of it as you will I guess :man_shrugging:t2:


Do you want a good indicator on how Byte is doing in the eye of the public - google “byte” and click on the “news” section and then compare that with other short form video social media - more news, more uses


Highest like I saw was 50k but then drop to 1k - 2k


The key is patience. Things require patiences to bloom into its best potential. It’s rare things blow up over night. Everything is about having patience and knowing it’s gonna come. The app will get big but you can’t expect it to just be the most popular app as soon as it comes out less than a month ago. That rarely if ever happens. The fact people are using right now tells everyone something. Just sit back make content and watch it bloom. A flower doesn’t bloom overnight. Good things take time. Success isn’t a straight line it’s up and down and all over the place. The thing people need to understand is that it will come. Just believe in yourself and the app.


The launch was over seven time bigger than vine’s launch!! More growth will take time. I’m just trying to continue staying consistent and improving as much as I can :slight_smile:


I totally agree with what you just said here take this :crown:

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I learnt alot from you guys wow Ur so wise :joy::joy:

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