The problems with previous rules and possible solutions

Sorry for the long post but please read everything for context:

Hi so I’ve seen a lot of posts floating around out there about what should and should not be banned on V2. I thought the most helpful thing we could do is look at the original rules of Vine and see where they may have gone wrong.

Originally vine rules were broken up into two sections: Content Boundaries and Spam and Abuse

Content Boundaries covered:
Impersonations, Trademarks, Private Information, Sensitive Media, Explicit Graphic or Sexually Explicit Content, Threats, Copyright, Unlawful Use, and Misuse of Vine Badges

Spam and Abuse covered:
Serial accounts, Profile URL Squatting, Invitation Spam, Selling Accounts, Malware/Phishing, General Spam

Violating any of these rules could result in permanent action.

Now looking at these topics, we’ve covered a lot of them in different threads talking about how useful that would be. I think that’s great, however, I think what we need to be discussing is what went wrong with these policies and their enforcements on Vine, and what we can do in V2 to better control these policies.

Thank you!


What bored me about the old vibe was that it always was the same people and the same videos over and over again.

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changing category to ideas and features.

also, i think this is a very intelligent and progressive approach, i’d love to look into it. :grin:

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Sounds good to me and thank you I’m glad to hear it!

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Yeah I definitely felt like that was an issue too. Maybe having a limit to how many times you could be featured in a week may help with offering new spotlights to unusual creators.

It’s a great thread. Very insightful from Vine to V2. I hope that this gets discussed more by those above us normals :wink::smile:

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Just a question… how do social medias or apps control the sensitive media? How do they prevent it? Are all videos watched after few seconds of release or how is it done?

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I know the big issue with sights like YouTube is that they are unable to have someone view the videos because it is such a massive platform and so much content is uploaded continuously. A lot of the time they use bots to monitor and rely on flagging for whatever falls through the holes. This causes a lot of issues on both sides.

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Often, the same 10-15 people were featured in a category. (Art, Comedy, etc) It was really lopsided and created a lot of tension.

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Ohh. So let’s hope the @discobot do it right for V2.
Also I like the idea of not having the same person featured over and over again.

I would like V2 to have a limit amount of posts and revive (If it even is gonna be call like it) per day. So people don’t spam that much. Like around 15-20 should be fine.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

This thread should explain my POV on how it should be handled:


Policies and Rules weren’t discussed much in this following thread I’m about to attach, but the enforcement of it was and thought you wonderful people might want to see what me and bunch of other Artist came up with:

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Definitely an interesting thread, I don’t necessarily know how I feel about a warning. I feel like it might be easier if V2 was to go that route to instead have a way for if you were going out in public to easily turn off nsfw posts. Maybe a switch for something at the top. Strictly because I think it would both be more convenient and visually appealing to the viewer.

I think this policy definitely has potential, but I also think there should be a punishment for the strikes. Maybe for first strike you’re banned for an hour, second strike for a day, and third until you’re channel or comments can be reviewed by a moderator or staff member, who can then decide whether or not the ban should a) be lifted b) be kept for two days-to a week c) banned for a month or full suspension of account

It’s definitely something to think about, really gets the mind going! Sadly, some of these situations are inevitable and as hard as we try, there’s never going to be a perfect rule/policy system. But with that in mind, we can definitely try out best to make sure everyone on the app is safe and sees exactly what it is they want to see, a stronger enforcement on the Artist for their actions can definitely be beneficial. It could serve as a sort of slap on the wrist to not do it again, it leaves a lasting sting so the Artist really knows not to step out of bounds