The Problem With Wanting To Be Liked By Everyone

This is a very long post but, This is just a little rant on what I always find that there is some sort of big personality problem when people believe that they should be liked by everyone so they go out of there way to do so. I’ve seen these people a lot who try to make sure everyone does like them through media, entertainment, and even people that i meet. These are the reasons why:

Criticism is taken like a personal insult
Alot of the time when people find out someone doesn’t like a certain thing about them, they don’t try to reevaluate themselves, but believe that if someone says something rude about them, they must be wrong. This can go so far as a friend wanting to hang out with someone new for the day or just saying “I would like it if you stop that”. Instead of fixing themselves, they will believe that what that person says is wrong, even if it might be right, and aren’t willing to learn.

Constant Worrying
When you have a big group of friends or are friends with just a lot of people, you can constantly worry about what people think about you. Yes, I do have this problem, but I also don’t care if people like me or not. The difference is that you try to make that person like you that you don’t think likes you with constant attention or acceptance. If a person seems to not want to be apart of that, then you try to pull them back in with that too. Its a big problem and its slightly controlling at the same time.

Your Personality Can Be Fake
Whenever you want to be liked by everyone, you put on a facade for certain people and you try to act like them. You have multiple personalities for certain people, and this can be hiding your true personality from others, even though, you SHOULD be yourself! Hiding who you truly are can result I’m being depressed and anxious because people like you for someone who you are not, and its toxic not for just people around you, but you too.

The reason why I made this is because in the past I had this problem, and I was more depressed then ever not being myself and being someone people wanted to see. But now, I’m happier with myself because I am myself and I can be whatever I like, even if people don’t like it, I can find who my real friends are and stick by them, and that truly makes me happier. Hopefully If you have the same problem, you can figure it out too, because I promise there is a lovely group of pals out there ready to be friends with you for you :slight_smile: tl;dr


There’s this epidemic that you need to be liked by people - this isn’t true. Do your own thing! If you’re not as popular or as liked as you want to be, it’s not the end of the world. Just remember, the opinions of others isn’t worth sacrificing your dignity over.


Yeah you are right, trying to be liked making friends or in a non genuine way to gain popularity definitely isnt a healthy thing to do.


You say this with a tone which works much better than my tone.


I think personality thing is a really difficult thing to overcome sometimes because of a lot of the time, people do it subconsciously. If you’re around a certain group of people who act one way, you adopt a certain type of herd mentality and follow what they’re doing to fit in and then you do that for all of the different social groups you’re in which can lead to differing personalities and actions depending on where you are.