The Problem We Can’t Ignore As Users of Byte

Many of us are having fun on Byte for various reasons. It could be for fame, meeting new people, or even trying a new platform that’s not TikTok or Instagram. But then comes the lockdowns due to the current coronavirus epidemic, leaving many of us to adjust to struggling with being home more with family or by ourselves. Byte is an excellent app, but there may be issues of mental health we must pay attention to and examine within ourselves. Although some may not notice, I make Bytes only to make people laugh, so that I won’t have to let my mental health go into ruin.

Some would say that calling theirs statewide or local mental health hotline will help them through dealing with loneliness, depression, and various other mental health issues. The reality is that calling a hotline isn’t enough to address the surface of each problem. For some, talking to a specialist over the phone isn’t enough to resolve an issue, when it will happen again the next day or even later that day.

Some would say talking to parents can be helpful. Not all teens or children feel open to talking to their parents due to worries of being criticized when they’re already mocked by the parent and other members of the sanity. There’s also the fear of being misunderstood, to the point where the parents will look at them as the child they never raised or don’t recognize.

But what about the flip side? There are many parents using this app with children who are out of school and might be out of work or even known to be an essential worker. They’re either struggling with maintaining life at home financially or staying safe at work so they won’t have to carry any possible elements of the virus home to their families. Either way, these matters are affecting their mental health. Either way, grabbing wine or any alcohol beverage won’t help to overcome and adjust to life in lockdown.

There’s a huge factor that is a major issue for many byters: the media. We often watch on the news the bad that outweighs the good during the current pandemic. We hear more about new cases, rising hospitalizations, and even deaths. This won’t only lead to fears and worry, but also anger and even urge to harm others and oneself.

So what to do when overwhelmed about the lockdown and the pandemic? GET CREATIVE! One can make videos of satire that will mock the elected leaders’ handling of the lockdown or how most people are reacting irrationally to the lockdown. I’ve already experienced some issues affecting my mental health at the beginning of the lockdowns and decided to outline that in a number of my posts. And after examining myself, I know what I must do to maintain my mental sanity, without letting it take me to the point of having to talk to someone about my problems. Therefore, I resolve my mental health issues by making people laugh, or at least attempt to make them laugh.


There is nothing wrong with needing to talk to someone. I worry too since so many don’t have real life people to talk to. The hotlines are pretty limited.

Something else we can do is to disengage and ignore if someone is acting out. People are stressed. Don’t assume someone’s tone from a tweet sized text fragment. Step away from negativity. Give compassion.

I get very little of that because I don’t go places people tend to get into verbal fisticuffs. Suddenly two people have gone off in the last week.


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This topic needs more recognition, loved the piece you wrote. Taking care of our mental health is definitely important!


On this note:
If anyone needs to reach out and talk to someone, I’ll listen.

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Of course here. If you are comfortable enough to do so, please don’t hesitate to reach out.