The Problem That Could Kill "v2"

v2, or whatever its final name will be, is going to be big. But there are several things that can hinder its success. One of those things is the level of strictness when it comes to the issue of copyright.

While it is important, we need to keep in mind that there are many accounts that use copyrighted music for content such as dance videos, fan edits, singing, and especially “audio accounts”. Almost all of these accounts will rely on copyrighted material to make their content, as copyright-free music limits the creativity of what can, and cannot be made.

Even assuming that this copyright issue only applies to monetised videos, only the v2 Comedy Artists and the already well-known personalities will get advertisers.

I just feel as though we have to understand that although we seem to be answering all the questions we have with great ideas, not everything can be perfect.


When V2 becomes available and monetized. There definitely will be restrictions on the content people can produce, copyright music and audio. But i think these are challenges that us as creators have are only a small obstacle.

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I wouldn’t worry about it - Dom knows what he’s doing.

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Some, if not many, musicians would actually like their music to be featured in “viral videos or trends” as free promotion. I’m not sure that fancy song by iggy would’ve been so huge without vine

that being said, some musicians/labels are not going to be okay with people profiting off of their creative work and that’s understandable! It’s their creative work and they are free to do whatever they wish with it

The best thing to do in that case, is move onto another musician who doesn’t mind and keep it going, no? There are many many many artists who won’t mind people sharing their work and many are just as great!


I agree. I’m only really worried about how this is going to work for copyrighted videos like shows, movies, sports events, etc.

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if it’s fair use, of course, that would be okay

and if the content is not monetized, it should be okay for most, free promotion!

but if it is monetized, the claims might begin to come in. if it is truly profitable content, they’d honestly probably go ahead and create an account themselves to post the videos since many companies are becoming social media savvy, these days.

an account could probably “get away” with it, if the clips aren’t monetized but they’re big enough to get sponsorships

but it all depends on various factors!

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I plan to do singing videos so I really hope it doesn’t cause a problem

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If you’re the one singing, that shouldn’t be a problem :smile:

Never thought about this, good thinking.

As long as people generally stick to the guidelines we shouldn’t have a problem. I think the best idea would be to plan on sticking to something strict, like YouTube guidelines, as a reference until v2 guidlines are clear.

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Hopefully everything goes as planed for everyone who wants to be a v2er

The implementation of copyright restrictions on YouTube, Facebook, and others isn’t them being draconian - it’s a legal requirement that they must comply with to protect themselves, the creators, and advertisers.

So yeah it’ll have to be implemented - theres no real choice for them. it’s a good thing all 'round.

You guys need to realize that copyright issues aren’t something they can just ignore. The thing that would actually kill V2 is the app being shut down from legal issues of them not addressing DMCA takedown notices

I think one big problem that might come of v2 is pornography. This was a problem with the original app, but this may not stop people. It would be nice if this app could stay clean, but we can’t restrict people from that much. They always find a way to ruin it for others. Another problem is copyright as others have been talking about in this discussion. People use music that they think that they can use or videos and they don’t realize that someone has put copyright on. Though using music wouldn’t seem like that big of a problem,because it has to be less than 15 seconds, but it also has to be a short percent of the video.

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