The Power of the 5000 Count Challenge

It’s so amazing how a thread about simply counting to 5,000 brought the community close together and possibly served as the foundation for building a powerful community to begin with. Along the line, everyone played their role with contributing to the count. It was a task that everyone felt connected to. My question is…what happens now?


It’s really incredible isn’t it? How a simple ‘lets see if we can hit 5000’ became so loved by the community. It really is a symbol of how great these forums are, as a community we came together to complete a challenge that seemed impossible at first. I really hope we can look at this as an example of what a strong community can accomplish and that we can HELP EACH OTHER GET BIG ON V2!!!


Now we gotta think of another challenge that can bring the community together :stuck_out_tongue:

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We could go for 6k??


im not crying youre crying