The power of crackhead energy from introverts

So I feel like in the app people would feel more creative and post funnier stuff that makes people comfortable by putting their stuff in the draft part of the app. The reason more funnier content is in our drafts is because we as humans can express our full potential and our most crackhead energy when are most comfortable recoding something that won’t ever be seen.

It shows our most selves and can then be used later when they are comfortable to post it. That is a very vital part us as people which can make the app go crazy

So “be a crackhead it’s fine nobody is more you than you”


You can save bytes to your camera roll now for later use.


I am a crack head and that is good. I will never not be a crackhead and that’s not bad. There is no one that I’d rather be than me.:grin::pray: Name that movieeeeeee!!


Yes the app lacking some of that random crackhead energy lol (on the popular page anyway)

A lot of bytes are very well thought out and edited but sometimes the funniest videos are just someone shouting a random thought at their camera


But that’s not the same as draft but okay. My point is how we can harness our creativity in its highest form


We need quenlin Blackwell vibes


I know it’s not but the Byte staff will probably focus more energy on different features and ideas instead of prioritizing something similar.


That’s cool

We stan crackhead energy here. Ive been saying since beta i cant wait until we get some crackheads on the app, those always make the best videos. :sunglasses::ok_hand:

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