The Ploy Plot Prevention Program

It was brought up that Ploy is posing as v2 on Twitter, by a fellow forum user:

This is obviously a new app very similar to Vine, but not claiming to be the follow-up vine app (Which of course it’s not)



Why does this matter
There wouldn’t really be anything wrong with Ploy making an app like vine, but the problem is that they are blatantly claiming to be the “Follow-up app to Vine”. Their main goal is most likely to steal all of Vine’s audience along with people in anticipation for v2, and bring them over to an app with minimal differences. Having something you’ve worked on night and day be stolen by someone then claimed as theirs ain’t that fun. :confused:

What you can do
For now, the only thing you can really do is not give Ploy the publicity it wants, as they are trying to leech off the up and coming v2. You can also report their Twitter account for imitation because the link on their page pulls up a website with “v2” plastered right in front.
Just remember to look out for any more fake v2 accounts and imitations :blush:

Perfect explanation. Can not believe this is happening

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Thanks, and I can’t believe they have the balls to straight up copy an app name :tipping_hand_man:t4:

Wow. I reported them twice just to make sure. No wonder they called the app Ploy, they definitely did this for their own advantage

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I wouldn’t be surprised if they disappear when their Ploy doesn’t work and they can’t create anything original

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This is an example of copyright

Has dom copyrighted the term v2 yet?

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LMAO! "Can you cut it out?"
Dom is not amused. Anyways, this needs to be stopped.

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