The panic of low performing bytes

After having three days in a row of low performing bytes, it’s rough. It’s easier once your on the other side and you have another success to look back on, but while your in a slump, all you can see is down. What can you do?
Seeking critique of latest three to see if they just performed poorly or if the jokes were worse then my last few.


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As for the slump, quite a few people have spoken about this. It’s definitely discouraging, but what can you do? The best time to post for engagement is on Fridays and Saturdays in the afternoon through evening.

You just have to stay hopeful for the future because no app blew up overnight. It’ll take a while for a steady stream of traffic.

You’re doing great and putting in the work. I can’t tell you not to be discouraged, but it isn’t really too much your fault. It’s also the algorithm.




its definitely hard to deal with at first but honestly getting over it just took realizing that the app is new and numbers will fluctuate. and also just loving the content Im making :blush: in the end im making it for me and the ones that keep coming back to see it haha


aye man , i’ve been doing great numbers and even others that are aswell said , that yesterday was a huge flop day , almost nobody’s did what they are use to so don’t trip on that


Same here :sweat_smile::handshake:




Remember, if your goal is to build a career out of social media, expect it to take YEARS. Three days in a row of “low-performing bytes” is a drop in the ocean. Make hundreds of videos. Thousands. Look at growth and performance from a macro perspective. Not in three-day increments. Keep creating. Keep improving. Always be learning.


I love byte for this reason, the forums make it So we get to here from people we get inspiration from regularly-love your content thanks for the advice, not super interested in a career right now, it’s just a hobby


Good for you honestly for not being roped into trying to make it a career LOL

A lot of people think it’s easy, and then they get frustrated when they don’t get famous quickly.

I checked out your bytes, and I think the best ones are the ones where you do funky editing and GFX, like your RPG one.

A couple quick tips to increase engagement:

  1. Respond to every comment (people tend to return and support you if you reciprocate their engagement).
  2. Comment and engage with a lot of other content, but don’t spam people (in general, the more comments and likes you give, the more you get. But DO NOT spam people. Engage organically)
  3. Collab often

A couple pieces of feedback on your videos:

  1. Your editing is good, and your jokes/puns are solid as well! Above average, imo
  2. Some of your bytes could use music. Just a little bit here and there to set the mood.
  3. Try to make sure your graphics don’t overlap with the captions, like in the RPG one. Keep the graphics a little higher.

Keep it up man!


Thank you so much! It means a lot-I’ll work on the music, though the app I’m currently using only has a few free rights songs.


Brendan you probably have the most well edited comedy videos on Byte (in my opinion). It’s really cool to see you share your tips with the community.


Hey, thanks man! I appreciate that! I just wanna see everyone growing and having a good time :smile:


I stan your feedback!!

Whatever that means… simp


Woooo it’s not even low bro


I Stan :joy::joy::joy:


I have experienced low engagement on Byte as well, but it will pick up again once the partners’ program kicks in. It will take years of hard work and dedication to become a recognized creator on any platform, so keep creating, grinding, and working hard! We will get there!


If you love doing it, then the numbers will come.


Keep your head up and keep creating ! It happens but in the long run it will pay off ! #bytefam


I mean i felt this but how i go bout thinking is just keep putting out content that you enjoy making and that represents you. The way i go about thinking of it is like this…like if i post a byte and it flops okay it flops now but that doesn’t mean that it will never get the attention that deserves. A prime example i always use is the musical artist, lizzo. Lizzo is just now getting recognized for music that she released 2 to 3 years ago and now she is getting the attention she deserves. So I don’t think of it as a "flopped byte"i think of it as maybe it’s not its time yet!