The one thing you need to know how to pitch an idea

When you pitch a script or idea to someone please know this!

Be able to compare your script to another media that has been made, like for example “Ocean’s 11 in space,” that will hook the people your pitching it too.

Know what your story or idea is. Expose yourself to alot of media like film, video games, and other forms to help your pitch.


this could help, but it’s in a way accepting that your idea needs other things to leech off of… kinda like it’s not good enough? it just feels cheap to me, but this still can be handy advice


Its not that your idea is cheap, its that you need to present yourself is a good image for others to be willing to work with you and your script/idea. By knowing more things to help people understand your material the more comfortable they will with your pitch.


Good advice #ByteFam