The old content

do you think the v2 artists will succeed in trying to recreate the same kind of vines CONTENT of 2014? remember that I said content, that is, I did not say artists will recreate the old vines.
I ask this because 4 years ago much has changed even as people see the mood, maybe people do not like the old content that the vine presented …
BUT in my opinion, that kind of content will be well accepted, even for me, I really love how people made a different mood in the vine 4 years ago, something that never again was seen on any social network :heh: :heart:


I don’t know, I think people are going to create the same kind of vines at the very start, but I’m sure that some artists will come up with new ideias that will turn into trends and this will shape the new Vine content. :slight_smile:


legal encontrar um brasileiro aqui, eu achei que fosse o único :joy:

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No way que tu é brasileiro hahaha, nem tinha percebido kkkk

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não sei se isso é bom ou ruim…