The 'O' game

using the letter isnt accepted

Not that much more difficult to be completely real with you my guy, although your name can’t be replied or you’re bad at the game

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@ammm - fixed it

I think you’re incorrect but ok x

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tbh it aint that hard lmao

dummy. make this a vowel letter. like an a or o

also pls put in category

testing testing 1 2 three x

I like the idea but I’m unsure if users will participate because there is a particularly similar thread which you are able to find using the search bar.

i think u are using the letter in that sentance


dan stop trying to be expert hen x

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Yo what Dan’s not an expert yet?

Someone slap dis sumbich an expert badge already

This is the kind of support I need

i wanna be expert
im already expert


can u please evade using the letter


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but but but

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year bitcheeesss

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i want death

i did it^


níl jay


U r very fye

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