The next social network

With the postponement of V2, I was wondering should another app arise and begin to build some buzz and an audience, and announce that it’s plans are to be fully funded by the public via things such as indiegogo or kickstarter. How many people here would support the development of this new app, providing that this new platform took into count the things people are asking for. A new social network built by the people using it.

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I have something started that I left when v2 was announced. It’s still unfinished, ugly and buggy but… that won’t be a problem in some time.

I just need :moneybag: for the servers and storage. Video is effing heavy to store.

I’ve been working on Danger since 2008 it’s been reset multiple times and has finally reached it’s final planning stage. I have two entire rooms covered in app design images and mock up designs, just need to take the design in place it into code. Though it’s taking some time to do the compete transition as Danger was previously Central Dynamic and Social HQ before that. Still own the brand rights on the previous two.

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Good luck :wink:

Who knows maybe in 2020 the headline on MSNBC will say DANGER TO ACQUIRE V2

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Or to be the new v*ne

Twitter Acquired Vine for $30 Million
Danger Acquires Vine successor for $55 Million

News Headlines in Summer 2020

Largest Social Networks by Monthly Active Users - 2020

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Snapchat
  5. Danger
  6. V2

My view is that Vine/v2 is not merely a social network in the way that Twitter is. Vine is very, very specific. It’s not about sharing random stuff, it’s about making 6 second looping videos. It’s actually much more focused than Instagram is, because Instagram has three components: stories, videos and photos. That’s why Instagram can never replace Vine anymore than Twitter can.

Vine had one component: square videos that loop, and that could run for 6 seconds. THAT’S IT. That is what made Vine so powerful and attractive. You couldn’t even apply a filter to a vine in the app.

Vine inspired us to create. Twitter doesn’t. Facebook much less so. On Vine there was no need to block or mute people. I had no interest in the Popular Kids there, but if someone else shared a post from them then I just ignored it and moved on to the next post.

Some cool accounts I didn’t bother following because I knew that I’d see their stuff revined in my feed. And some accounts I didn’t follow because the owner didn’t bother interacting with their audience. Sorry, but I wasn’t on Vine to worship the elite. I was on Vine to create and connect.

So please don’t anyone think that you can create a hit by making just another ‘social network’. No, you have to create something really special.

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I agree with the idea of yours.
Hoping to get more ideas from the replies.

I assume this was when nobody knew about tik tok. I hate how some people like to call it v*ne 2, but it’s just people lipsyncing unoriginal jokes. I know for a fact that when byte comes out all of the creative tik tokkers will flock to byte

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