The New Instagram (Opinions?)

So what do y’all think of the new “Swiping to see next post” feature on Instagram

This is what the community thinks so far

sounds shit but haven’t tried it, apparently they changed it back idk someone said

Hahahaha lmao they changed it back that was so quick


took em less than an hour to change it back lmao


This was one go the most epic failures in 2019. idk but the experience using it was shit af and changing a thing that was pretty much the center of instagram since the beginning is not something you do just like that.

I missed the change and never got to play with it, but I’m surprised so many people hated it. Literally last week I thought “I’m so sick of swiping…” I also have OCD so every time I swipe I have to line the new post up exactly perfect, and it gets annoying. If I could just switch to the next one with one tap and have it already be lined up nicely, I’d be most pleased.

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oh wow. :no_mouth: (Locks self in room and never comes out.) - “Its safe in here.”

Wow, I thought I was the only one…

And these tweets are brutal lmao.

My Instagram did this for about 20 seconds before changing back and not to be dramatic but i don’t think I can remember a worse 20 seconds in my entire life :joy:

i was getting ready to never use insta again