The Name Vine 2 🔃

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Or “Juanpa” you could tell you 25 million plus followers on IG.


Regardless of who’s behind the screen, I’ll try and clarify.

On public release, soon to be 1 year ago, “vine 2” was a trending hashtag on Twitter, and that’s where the main influx of users came from. So, essentially, that’s sort of already happened.

Also, a lot of people already regard tiktok as some sort of evolved successor to vine, which honestly does suck, but it’s just too big to deny at this point. The short video app market is different now, and some people feel like they have moved on. There are still bound to be competitors though, as we’ve seen with Reels and Lasso (i forgot lasso existed til just now). no idea if the tiktok ban is gonna happen.

It’s kinda a weird situation, and we haven’t heard much from the team recently, but I’m sure there’s a good reason for all this. byte team has said before that they’re working on making a good app instead before rolling out ads. Mainly the community keeps itself alive as far as I know in these current times! I hope you still decide to join anyways and try the app out for yourself.


If I receive something in return yes :man_shrugging::joy:
The App can do it and I know for a fact that this app is going to get the people.

Well. We got a killer community. Take it or leave it


Yeah hermano. I believe on this app and I know that there are a lot of competition out there. Hopefully Byte makes something great soon. :love_you_gesture:


I know that it’s a Strong community bro, chill :joy:. I’m just giving my own opinion :wink:

Fair, that was a little strong, what i was trying to say is that what makes byte different is that unlike tiktok or insta or whatever else. The entire app is ran on community… who dont expect to “recieve” something in return you know? Nothing monetary, and hell thats why you cant tell how many followers someone has. Because thats not what matters when you do something or see someone do something they are passionate about. Its not about recieving anything. Its finding your place in a family


I agree that byte could have some changes, as well as a bigger audience. But it has to facillitate the foundation of community. Not coming here for the wrong reasons.


Bro, the app is dying :joy:

What are the wrong reasons ?

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Well, fame and money (obviously thats my own opinion and feel free to chime in on that). Thats for me anyways, then again i am just a new guy and not a vine star. That wasnt meant to be sarcastic btw


Bro, It’s amazing that the app is build by community but the app was made to be "Vine 2” actually. I know that there was a partner program earlier this year and yeah the app is made to be a Social Media app and it was build to replace "vine” and you are acting like if you are the CEO of this app when you are not. The app is dying and if it keeps being like this it’s going to die eventually.
Sorry and I have a lot of respect for your opinion but you look like the one person who wants this app to die. Peace and love my friend, I just want to bring the Vine energy back :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey man, don’t apologize here and don’t get mooped. This was a troll account made 2 days ago to say stupid bot-like comments. No “influencer” is coming out of the woodwork having never made a byte account with the big idea to save it.

Also imagine how cringe it is to call yourself a vine star.

Also imagine making the same suggestion that’s been made 100 times but I’m pretty sure Twitter still owns the vine name?

Can we get the mods to come close this down? This is surely a troll and no positive discourse is going to come from this app-changing suggestion


Lol how about na. We got YouTube stars that would be far better to promote the app and paying them. Than a instagram star. No offence

Besides. The community are keeping this app alive. For free. Me being one of those people. We get fuck all for it. Reason why we stay on this app and help Dom make this community/app stronger. Is because we love this place. So if you love Vine so much and want Byte to grow. How about you just help rather than look what you gonna get out of it. But you won’t


I’m also a Vine Star! Very excited to see you joining us on byte, Juanpa!


Also a Vine star here! Been on Vine 2 for a bit, still waiting for that fat check from @dom for getting my mom to make an account.

Welcome @JuanpaZurita !!


i’m also a vine star


Hey bro, chill :joy:. Hermano I just give
My own opinion and you seem to disagree with it.

Yeah bro, you are right. I believed that this was Vine 2 but know I’m confused. I will sudenly help to grow this app.