The Martinez twins SPLIT?! (real of fake)?

Yo guys!!! The martinez twins split???

You guys think that this is real of are they trying to pull a prank??
I swear it’s a prank!

Lemme know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:

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yes, i know loads of people like them but they do clickbait a fair amount.

i think it’s a prank

Hold up how do twins split… like I have fraternal twin sister and let me tell you, there’s no getting away from a twin.

LOL ikrr how tf did they split

It’s fake lmao. No siblings are going to not become friends and make it public. Siblings argue all the time too.


Fake of course

they’re just clickbaiters, wait like a week or so. they’ll probably just “reunite” or something. idk.

Fake. They clickbait some of their videos. If they really ‘split’. I’d be shook.

Let me know who are :joy:

Plz tell me this is fake news :wow: