The man who inspired me to make vines

This man is named Tom Shea, and he is what you would call an Art Viner. His vines were simple but inspiring to me. Idk how to explain it but I just saw so much impact and detail in a 6 second vine like I never seen before. I love his work. I saw a couple of his vines and I thought in my head “this is how I can express myself,” . Watching Tom’s vines were something I never seen in vine, he was the first art viner I’ve seen and he’s still my favorite to this day.


Wow I’ve never seen his vines but just from this video you posted he seems very inspiring. I can definitely tell he puts so much effort in his work :dizzy:

thank you for this. I’m really interested in ppl like this.

Please link me some more similar people if you know any :slight_smile:


Forsure man

Omg…how did I now know of this person

His Vines are so…pleasant to watch

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Not going to lie, some of these are pretty good

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A very unique niche he had. I love it!

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Those vines are amazing

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