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So I see Dom has made an announcement.

An announcement many aren’t happy about which is 100% understandable! I wanted to share my thoughts and some ideas.

As stated in the update, V2 needs large funding. Ideally, from investors. Directly to @dom , I have US investors and some international investors. (London, Sweden & Switzerland). Although I am sure you have investors interested already, if you wanted to start a conversation, absolutely let me know with a little bit of information (Pitch, Potential ROI, etc) and I can create the bridge. Don’t feel the need to rush into anything either, these things take time and that needs to be understood.

My opinion on the update

From a business perspective, it’s obviously the right thing to do. It would be asinine to continue on with the project whilst facing funding and legal issues. Consumers would be more upset if V2 came to be only to be super buggy and then shut down in a couple of months.

Dom and his staff are professionals. This isn’t their first rodeo. I think what has people more upset is the fact that other people have created their own version of V2 quickly. This skews people’s perspectives. It has people thinking all it takes is a couple of weeks to make a successful app. This is far from the truth.

Unlike other “copycat” apps, the V2 team has a standard. The standard can’t be met so they’re going to do the hard tasks of delaying it so they can produce a quality app later down the road.

As far as using other apps

This shouldn’t be a surprise, but would I use other similar apps? Absolutely Not.


Limited transferability. If you’re a person interested in gaining fame, it may seem like the smart and proactive thing to do. Use some other app now and transfer to V2 later.

Moving your “fan base” to other platforms only works if you’re offering another form of content. If your fans already follow and engage with you on an app sharing 6 second videos, what incentive would they have to follow you on another 6 second app. They can just continue following you there and follow new people on V2 yeah?

I recently saw this on that app VERO. It wanted to be like instagram and creators were promoting it on instagram to get their fans to follow them there. Maybe .2% of their fans actually downloaded the app. Sure, the app is new but why would they follow you on another photo-sharing app from another photo-sharing where you’d post the same form of content? What incentive?

What would I suggest?

Build your careers on instagram, twitter and youtube! Create personal blogs/websites to have a designated platform.

Once V2 comes along, be it at the end of the year or next year, you’ll have a fanbase that has an incentive to follow you on an app offering a different form of content. and with the expected success of V2, that can greatly catapult you!

Some of my work deals with branding, content creation, social media marketing etc. In light of things, I’d like to help some people on their way because I know some of you are super passionate about this!

Dm me and we can start a conversation! Regardless of your niche, I can help you create a solid gameplan for the next 3 months (nothing more because that’s $$$$ lmao) . I’m also thinking of starting a group, maybe on whatsapp where we can talk weekly and share ideas/tips, talk about algorithms, the current social media market, etc

If you’re interested in that, DM me as well!

Overall, I don’t think this is the end. I actually prefer the indefiniteness because it will allow Dom and the rest of the team to work at their own pace to produce a great app when it is truly ready. :wink:


I will miss you babe. We never did go out on that date :frowning: ILY

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Hahahaha my love :black_heart: we will go on that date!

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This sounds cool, let me know if you end up starting the group chat. Would be good to learn a few new things & pick up new followers

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I’m already talking to some of you but by the end of this week, I’ll be creating the group chat!

For the sake of having real conversations that aren’t overwhelming, it will be limited. I might create the chat on twitter as well instead of whatsapp. I’m also limiting the number because from what I’ve heard from those who have messaged me thus far, you guys have me inspired! inspired to create! I will be helping those people with branding, graphics, etc which is a bit of work on my end, especially for free lmfao :black_heart:

Ideally, we would have a designated chat once a week. Sharing progress on either instagram, twitter, youtube and musically as of now. I’ll be sharing various tips, sharing new algorithm news, and my goal is to get you guys in that next step and potentially in front of the right person. I think it would also be helpful to speak to likeminded people and help each other with the same energy!

If you’re interested, dm me to get the conversation started! Even if we have never talked, this is open for anyone but it’s first come, first serve :black_heart:

Boo are you still around here?!

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YO legit @nogud where you at


Come back! We miss you!!


People may not transfer from IG to byte, but if one kept doing it’d work I believe. I mean how many times has one ran and ad and people don’t click it on adwords or FB. They work, but it’s about getting the right people to get to it. Have very limited marketing experience, but that’s just my 2 cents.