The Kind of Community I Want to Be a Part Of

Just a reminder that “humor” is an age old tool of propagandist and provides convenient cover for hate speech. Male bashing is not ok guys even under the guise “the funny arts”. In fact, using the “it’s just a joke” line allows the those disseminating discriminating speech to avoid taking full responsibly for their words. Typically, the “jokster” tries to undermine the objections of those hurt/disheartened by their words by saying something “like geez can’t you take a joke? lighten up, yo”. This tactic has been employed since forever.

The “I hate all men” line strikes me as a classic case of the oppressed class being infected by the machine they are raging against. A spirit of Love and sustained constructive action is the way forward. We will only co-create the kind of world we want to live in by embodying the core values we’d like to see in society at large.

You can be a bad-ass feminist whose fiercely against misogyny without “playfully” condemning a whole class of people. I know, because I am one.

The forums are a place we come to support each other’s creativity and engage in dialogue. Sometimes things get heated but we find a way to be solution minded and come together in the end. I’d like the forums to be about building people up not tearing them down.

I love this place and I appreciate you all deeply. I hope we can make this the kind of community I am proud to be a part.


Okay if you’re referring to the thread that me and my friends have the Kam thing it’s literally a joke also on that thread we have talked about real issues that men have created So it’s not all I hate men and most of us do hate men So I guess that part really isn’t a joke but sorry if we offended anyone


i get it, yeah some jokes r fucked up n shouldnt even be jokes, but cmon saying “kill all men” or “i hate all men” is clearly not serious like most of us saying that have somewhat simped over a dude on this forum including me, its obvious satire. honestly if u said “i hate all women” none of us would give a shit. do u really think we’d hate every single male out of billions of them? do u really think we can kill all men?

if u seriously get offended by a few teenagers saying “kam” when theres much bigger issues including a global pandemic then I feel very sorry for you.

( also insert everything else ciara said here )

ok so i know this post came off bad and im sorry. lemme explain in another reply


you teenagers get super aggro when people try, and explain to you inappropriate behavior :roll_eyes:


lets take a statement:

“everyone likes pizza”

that statement is obviously not true, as people have their preference. however, its exaggerated as it sounds better than “most people like pizza” its exaggeration.

now, lets take “kill all men” or “i hate all men”

they are exaggerations for satire, just like the “everyone likes pizza” statement. we dont want to kill anyone at all and we dont hate all men at all, its exaggeration because most of us who use that phrase have met a lot of men who have been fucked up or hurt us somehow. most people dont use “kill some men” considering we had to face generalisation jokes for years prior to when kam started. heres some examples:

“women arent funny”

“women are objects”

“R*pe all women”

its mainly an exaggeration used as satire. my mum even used an example of this earlier when listening to a song she likes, she said “this used to be played everywhere” which obviously it wouldnt have been played EVERYWHERE but its an exaggeration.

again, we dont hate ALL men at all. exaggeration in retaliation that kinda just stuck with us.


I don’t think the issue here is age at all. This is a public forum. A random person could just come across the thread and just be “:flushed:”.

I personally don’t really have an opinion on the thread itself but I think it’s important to be aware that not everyone has context.

I think threads like that are probably best for private DMs or something. Otherwise, we’re just going to see more complaints over time. :man_shrugging:


anyone would know that we havent met or talked to every single man in the world to hate them and we couldnt possibly kill them all


Ofc not :rofl:.

However, even if words don’t really make sense literally, they can still make people feel a certain way. (I hope this makes sense)

There’s just nothing we can do about that :man_shrugging:


well duh we’re going to get aggressive when a bunch of adults are literally attacking us everyday over dumb stuff


Yeah if new people do come to the thread though in that thread its stated multiple times that it’s a joke


Amazing how a very delicately worded post has been met with so much unwarranted aggression.


Well said, Stardust. I admit I may not be as elequent or tactile in my wording and approach but do echo your sentiment.


Thank you for your thoughtful reply. And understood on the mechanics of satire.

I think what compelled me to make this post is that I see all global woes as interconnected. The patriarchy is stronger when we are divided. Campaigns to divide us are working. I first noticed it in Byte when there was all this inter-generational animus. I was like “whoa, what’s this?”. Why are these creatives fighting? We probably have similar hopes for the kind of world we want to create so it was a bummer to see. Both sides felt attacked I guess and now that the dust has settled it would be great if we could look for our similarities rather than our differences and come together. Just imagine what we could do as a united force!

In terms, of the hateful campaigns waged against women/non-binary folks—if I saw that stuff on the Byte forum you better bet I would throw my two cents in fiercely and with LOVE. If fact, I remember finding one of those “women aren’t funny” posts on byte and I was like—yo, wtf, not cool —and probably got blocked by a few heavy weight creators as a result— #whatchagonnado—But, then I to worked it out by CREATING ART in the form of a byte featuring the incomparable MS. Sarah Silverman.

For those of you that did not feel WELCOME let me say LOUD and CLEAR-----welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Seriously—the byters I respect posted welcome videos, sought out new creators, rebyted their stuff, hyped them, made comments galore welcoming them

Byte is a place for everyone—even people who don’t share our views----Love is an infinite resource so I got it for them too. People that attack other people are hurting they just express it in dysfunctional ways.

Full disclosure—I am not pure as snow----do my buddies and me commiserate about dudes who did us wrong?—oh yeah but, like in private and it’s never a wholesale condemnation—well, not really----ok-ok–momentary hyperbole comes into play but I trust you can get behind the difference between a public forum and those conversations where we know each other intimately and the values we hold dear.

BOTTOM LINE----I am glad you are here ----I appreciate the spice and hope we can grow a beautiful community together. :gift_heart:


There are supportive adults—we are here. We got you! And you got us!


Fanastic and well written piece. Also a lot of poetic irony coming out of it which is a wonderful and unexpected outcome.

When I was younger and in high school I would very casually spout out things in my life that were minor inconveniences as gay or Rword. The words were never hate filled in any context or would imply I had any actually bad feelings towards groups of people. The words never meant their literal definition. Over time we have come to accept that those kind of phrasing’s aren’t acceptable because although they are not literal, they were phrases made in hatred. Using them in any way, innocent or not, created a cushion where people could say it hatefully under the guise of “just joking”. We don’t say those things in 2020. That’s called progress.

This post never addressed any specific examples but if someone read this and internalized it and became defensive, it would be an admission of guilt and you might volunteer excuses.

Someone might say it’s just a joke. That’s fair. When I was 14 I called people and inanimate objects gay and it was a joke.

Someone might say that people are 13 and 14 years old and it’s not that deep. That’s also correct. My words and insults as a 13 year old meant nothing and I clearly had a lot to learn growing up. (But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t wrong then either)

And that’s the sad truth. Kids growing up want to be mature and woke in any generation. But there’s a lot of growing to do. And that’s why great posts like these will usually fall on deaf ears. The people who could get the most from it aren’t ready for it.

Edit: I edited Rword


Just because I’m a kid doesn’t mean I’m not mature there’s a lot of factors that play into how mature you are I’m not wanting to be mature trust me I wanna be kid but in today’s world sometimes that’s not an option yes I do have a lot of growing to do I agree with that but y’all Kam is joke and if choose to take it seriously then that’s ur problem I’m tired of getting into unnecessary arguments


So us saying kam is bad but a bunch of adults attacking us for bumping important topics is not listed here? lol


This doesn’t need to be an argument. People don’t want to see jokes like that clearly, why not just respect that you’re not the only ones in this playground?

I’m sorry that there is a feeling of being attacked, I think people just want you to try and understand them and work with with them tbh I like to kid around and can be a sarcastic twat when I wanna be but it’d be nice to keep the forums positive and less antagonistic.


Don’t click on the thread mute the thread there’s soultions to this Right now we are only gonna use the thread to talk about men who’ve done things and about how it’s a man’s world so no more Kam for the moment ig


the point isn’t for us to turn a blind eye; it’s to create awareness to the fact that