The 'Jungle Tree'

What if you had a seperate little button on your profile, which if you press opens up a cartoon-ish tree, and on that tree are vines.
Every vine you make, an extra vine grows into the tree. And every vine loop you get, a new leaf on the tree would grow, it would be fun seeing popular accounts have many many leaves on their trees, with lots of vines dangling.
Just a fun little idea that could make vine unique or stand out from the rest.


I don’t think V2 will have any “vine” related branding since Twitter owns Vine


They might own the vine app, but not the word or concept of a vine. Plus the whole vine platform is shut down so they can’t really do anything.

Yes they can. It’s their IP. If a similar app rised and called things vines and had vine related branding, Twitter could sue.

This is a weird but unique idea. Don’t know if it could be implemented tho.

Yeah ok I understand now, but what if you called the things differently? Like loops, or the videos could be called cherries or something, because they’re sweet and small

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I think it could be cool. I think it might work better if the user had to create a specific category. So like if someone was going to do a series of videos on one topic, maybe they could create a topic tree, and you’d start at the roots and work your way up to the branches. That might be fun. But I also agree with @ItsMeJoseGChacin, it would probably be pretty hard to implement.