The Importance of Integrity

Well it surely has been an extremely long time for the people who know me at least since I haven’t been on the app, discord, beta, or forums in months but still have been checking up to see that the community is doing great until current events with tik toks possible shutdown and millions of creators fear of losing their platform.

Im sure many users migrating from tik tok will see this at some point so I’ll provide brief backstory for my presence in the community
my name is Justin and I joined the community in May 2018 I’ve been with this app since the very beginning was an active member for a year and a half one of the first 300 members on the discord part of the first 100 beta testers and a former Expert on the forums.

I was going to be a creator but due to current health complications I am unable to pursue content creation at the time. Now onto the important matters I am 16 years old turning 17 in October making me part of the infamous Generation Z the most reckless teens of the century lmao. I believe its safe to say majority of the people coming from tik tok are between 12 and 17 basically around my age and the amount of toxicity on the app rn is honestly insane.

My generation attacking our predecessors and vice versa I ask as a long standing member of the community for the Leaders among us the people who have been here from the beginning my humble millennials to set an example for the flood of attention seeking hormonal children that which is my generation and welcome them with the upmost respect because thats what we’ve always stood for.

A message for dom and the byte team before I take my leave again don’t lose sight of what we all wished for 2 years in the making we’ve come to far to mess up give up and give in. Im rooting for the community to rise up and be the next big thing I stayed with this project for 2 and a half years to see it prosper not to watch it fall my name is in the community credits because I support the family for life remember the first hashtag #bytefam

~ J.J


heya justin, welcome back! #bytefam :blue_heart:

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Hi Shona its been too long

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