The Importance of Good Categories for V2

Hi there, I just wanted to highlight this. I have a few thoughts that have arisen out of years of frustration with video social media.

I personally think choosing enough (and not too many) sensible categories for V2 is going to be crucial to its success. One of the problems with sites like Twitch, YouTube, YouNow, Periscope and the original Vine, is that the sites/apps did not have a sensible organization to them. I was so disappointed when YouNow did away with their 15 or so categories in favor of hashtags. UGH. Now it’s so hard to get discovered, let alone find what I’m looking for! Hashtags are neat, but their fluid nature just makes everything a mess if you’re going to structure your entire site around them. And Vine? There were too FEW categories! They ended up creating a second comedy channel (which I think was a testament to a lack of creativity on their part… they should have called it “Memes” or something), but it was too little too late.

I remember a website called “” which is no more (the creators of YouNow bought it). Blog tv was almost like a LIVE YouTube, except they had a nice system of categories. It was really helpful for sifting through stuff I don’t want to watch, and as a streamer, it was great to be able to appeal to a genre of viewer. I just picked the “cooking” category, and in no time, I’d have at least 5 to 10 viewers.

It’s also super important for the categories to be really easy to navigate through, and the interface has to be visually appealing and SIMPLE. You have to make the users feel comfy and at home. I COULD try to find live streamers on YouTube, but it’s just not something that I intuitively think about because the website itself isn’t really pushing Live content with its interface. I COULD try to find new funny videos from comedians on Instagram, but Instagram is more about finding and following people you already know of from elsewhere on the web.

It’s all about discovery. That adventure of looking in the right places and finding your treasure. You wouldn’t want to be anal and have a bagillion categories (aka, the hashtag setup), but you want enough to satisfy everyone. I see the key to v2 being a loose general structure, enabling a wild amount of social creativity!

Anyways, that’s all I got. I hope it makes sense.


I second this!


@jennifer I agree! I love how Vine had categories instead!

I think this is a great idea. Structured, sensible categories are the perfect way to find what you’re looking for - and to discover new ideas and new artists. I’m still in support of a category for “new artists” or something like that to help budding artists get noticed (I believe this has been suggested already).


Yeah, a newbies category or something similar is always nice.

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Me too! :point_up:t3:

Everyone is so focused on the comedy side and they are forgetting that there are other niches, which is truly unfair


that would be sweet if i were to open up the app and see categories, to appeal to my mood id have options

I remember that there were not quite enough Vine channels. I would have liked one for TV (mostly vintage TV) or one for advertising. Of course you can’t have a bazillion channels, because you’d soon have more channels than vines - okay not quite.

Although Vine did update the channel list, this is what it generally looked like, for those who don’t know:

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Comedy is by far the most engaging medium for these kinds of things. Unless you get News agencies involved, or other main stream sources, the “common folk” will always gravitate towards music, sex and comedy.

Can definitely see where you’re coming from, but these app devolopers are always changing things. If you look at IG now versus 9 years ago, it’s definitely changed a lot