The Greatest Inventions From Your Country

What are the greatest inventions from your country that are used all around the globe? You can also name the greatest inventions from the country of your (grand)parents or a country you were/have born/lived in, if that makes it easier for you!

I’m from the Netherlands and you know all of these inventions:

  • Bluetooth :blue_square::tooth: (No Bluetooth, no Airpods!)
    (Invented in Sweden (screw you Sweden, you had nothing to do with it!) by the Dutch engineer Dr. Jaap Haartsen.)
  • Wi-Fi :signal_strength: (First known as WaveLAN.)
  • CD’s and DVD’s :cd::dvd: (We were tired of using VHS and cassettes okay!?)
    (The DVD was invented by the Dutch company Philips in collaboration with Sony, Panasonic and Toshiba.)
  • The stock market :classical_building::chart_with_upwards_trend: (Invented in the 1600s as a way to fund the VOC.)
  • The telescope and microscope :telescope::microscope: (Love these inventions as an astronomer!)
  • Orange carrots :carrot: (In honor of the House of Orange-Nassau.)
    (The most popular carrot all around the globe.)
  • The speed camera :camera_flash: (Yes, you’ve to thank the Netherlands for all your speeding tickets!)
  • Legalized same-sex marriage :rainbow_flag::two_men_holding_hands::two_women_holding_hands: (On April 1, 2001, same-sex marriage was officially legalized in the Netherlands!)

Now it’s your turn! :point_down:t4:


Baguette, Macaron, crème brûlée, all from France. :baguette_bread::fr::star_struck:


I absolutely love crème brûlée! :heart_eyes:

american cheese


I love American cheese but Dutch cheese is better, trust me! :smirk:

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I’m from Argentina, this are some of our contributions to the world:

  • Fingerprint classification system that became standard in criminal investigations
  • The medical Heart Bypass
  • Indirect blood transfusions as we know them today. Before, the transfusion had to be done live, from patient to patient, so that it wouldn’t clot out.
  • The first functioning helicopter
  • Ballpoint pens
  • Buses (though I’m not sure if it’s one specific kind of bus or the kind of transport itself)
  • Traffic lights for the visually impaired. Also, walking sticks for the visually impaired.
  • One use needles for injections (before, the entire Syringe was one piece)
  • The first Radio Broadcasting Station (radio existed before, of course)
  • Tasers
  • Barbed Wire
  • Automatic Stretchers

And of course, the two most important ones: ALFAJORES and DULCE DE LECHE


They’re all great and/or important!

Argentina and the Netherlands also share somebody famous and popular, Queen Máxima.

I live in Switzerland and here are some inventions:
Swiss Army Knife
Aluminum foil
International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement
And many more other things


My cousin used to collect Swiss Army knifes. :joy:

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Arkansas here -

Other than the goatee-shaver


And fried pickles

We also perfected the process synchronizing sound to film!


That’s something different, probably not for me but probably a very good alternative for deep fried snacks that contain meat, but I’ll stick to the good ol’ deep fried meat snacks. :joy:

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Or try a Dutch frikandel, it’s made from meat waste but very delicious! :joy:

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Fried meat waste! I’m sold!

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The Dutch also have these plates at literally every Dutch party! :joy:

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I feel dumb cause I discovered not long ago that there exist carrots of colours other than orange and now you tell me that orange ones are not even autentic😂. Anyway, many are the inventions from Italy, but these three are in my opinion the most important:

♧Radio (by Guglielmo Marconi)

♧Telephone (by Antonio Meucci… it’s popular belief that Alexander Graham Bell invented it, but in reality he did it one year later and only after having seen Meucci’s work so I’m sorry American friends, the telephone was invented by an italian man)

♧Television (the earliest version with the cathode ray tube, by Augusto Bissiri… once again the credit has gone to an american man, Philo Farnsworth, and only few know that the very first TV transmission “aired” from London to New York thanks to Bissiri and only 20 years later Farnsworth put on the television, but without that cathode ray tube idea and the transmission of that image in 1906 no TV’s would exist today!)

Another relevant invention is the thermometer by Santorio Santorio (dunno why he has this double name lol), but there’s also a version by Galileo Galilei (oof many italians in the past had a double name for some reason). There are of course many others, if anyone’s curious I leave a link to the wikipedia page of italian inventions



naw man I’m from Murica get er done

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Doesn’t matter, pizza isn’t American either but I’m sure you like it! I bet you’ll love Dutch cheese, it’s one of the only edible things in the Netherlands. Most of the Dutch cuisine is just disgusting! lol :rofl: