The great byte migration

Iv had byte since beta and it’s so cool so many people are now using byte. I admit I stopped using byte and was mainly using tiktok for a while as not much content on byte.

Let’s make this a topic to discuss what byte needs now so many people are coming from tiktok and things byte could to do differently and similarly to tiktok.

DRAFTS!!! Definitely need a drafts section where incomplete bytes can go and be saved

The app is not very user friendly Atm. The your mix is a little confusing maybe adding a bit more of a dark shade to the byte above and below to the one you’re viewing.

A better algorithm would be good too I keep getting shown the same people.

Sounds could be a cool addition while I know byte is meant to be different from tiktok it does help trends form.

@ is Adrian on byte btw :relieved: (had to promo lol)


Are you in zen mode? That could be why you don’t see a comment icon in your mix.


Haha yup I didn’t even know zen mode was a thing of thanks😅


remind me again the purpose of Zen mode

I noticed some people were griping about it and I didn’t know what to tell em

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Can’t see stats such as likes on a video when in Your Mix


i know that byte tends to not want to focus on numbers, (hiding followers, likes, etc.) but I think there should still be an option to like comments. it doesn’t even need to show the number of likes on each comment, you could just be able to sort by most popular comments, because those are usually the most funny/interesting/helpful ones. just a thought :slight_smile:


also people won’t have to constantly answer questions because the answers would be fight there for them


I am pretty sure Zen mode is enabled in the Your Mix.


I’m pretty sure comment liking and other upgrades to the comment system are coming… at least we’ve been asking for them for a long time. So, you know… crossing fingers


Here’s to hoping :crossed_fingers:t4:

DRAFTS please dom see this iv already made a byte I didn’t wanna post yet and I had to delete it or screen record it for later. Be able to go Live would also be great