The good the bad the ugly

Lay it on me lol! But no seriously I’ve been thinking about using this category since it came out and I found the courage to do it so I’m gonna go for it. So if you don’t know me I’m @Acadrien on Byte and if you do… sup :v:t3:I’d love CONSTRUCTIVE criticism of any sort. Mainly on my content (obviously lol).

Ultimately I’m just here to improve and I know from where I was in December to now I’ve gotten better. There are things I’m still working on, but I wanna here from you! What else should I be doing/trying to get better? What do you do that works? Thanks in advance for anyone please don’t refrain if you think it could be useful :pray:t3:.


I like the random videos you post they’re authentic and natural. A lot of unique content and random is what attracts people. Do more collabs and skits since it does well on your page. Since you speak French maybe do some French videos :woozy_face::ok_hand:t4:

Overall, I love your content. I see them here and there despite me not following you. Keep it up :rocket::fire::star2:


Your reaction emojis are exactly my reaction too :joy: I wanted to try at one point but got discouraged cause sometimes if I find it’s “too French” and people might not get it but tbh I should just go for it and just see what happens eh how else can I figure it out

Also this is good information that my stuff is actually being found so thanks for that too :ok_hand:t3:


Your bytes are good, enjoyed watching them. Not much to critique just keep it up. :sunglasses::ok_hand: