The Future of the Forum

First of all, this post it’s not about hate even tho you may think that because of the title. Also, this is not feedback or ideas for this forum, here I’m talking about a new forum.

The forum has been a great experience so far and I can say I love this community and the Forum. Now after some time and some working we got the Discord to help us stay together and get our ideas and thoughts delivered in a faster way throughout the community.

Now after the recent updates I think the Forum is a little behind and archaic but that’s fine for now, we are a small community with big dreams and soon enough when the app or beta releases we’re going to have a lot more to talk about and a lot more to discuss.

When that happens I wish we could move to something bigger, better.

I would like to have the categories listed in a column on the left and some options that we kind of have here like: Best, Hot, New, Recent.

New and Recent aren’t the same, for example, if you’re in a category reading and you click on new, you will only see the new posts on the category and if you click on recent you will see every post on every category.

I also like the idea of up-voting and down-voting posts. It’s not bully, it’s a way to have the best posts on the top of the BEST in general.

On Hot, there could be some algorithm to make a post reach a HOT position.

These are some ideas I have and want to share for a Future forum for when the Beta or App officially releases. The forum is an important tool for creators to communicate with the mods for issues on the app and have a community to help you fix some minor problems, that’s why I think that a Forum update is crucial for the future.

Thanks for reading this long post.



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unfortunately the infrastructure of the forum is not easily editable (or maybe not at all). this is only because the forum is hosted off of another forum service provider named “Discourse” that has this unique and adaptable layout. most forums aren’t malleable which is unfortunate but the truth.

i do however think that additions like this would be very cool


I know about that, and this forum is cool enough for today and for as far the app comes, it’s amazing for what we need it.

For the future I wish we could have a new forum somewhere else and we can all go there for even more fun and more helping :clap:t2::earth_americas:


These are good ideas

In the perspective of a developer however, it’s not an easy task. Discourse does allow plugins so it can be tinkered with.

The best (paid) forum software out there that’s highly customizeable is Xenforo. IMO I think it’s a lot more flexible than discourse, especially since there’s a ton of resources for it. A transition to it could be possible, but transitioning between different forum softwares is a pain the arse :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeahh, I know it will be too much work and effort but the results will pay off. :raised_hands:t2:

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100% agree, I sometimes come to the forums and posts from January come up in my recents. I still love this place and the discord, I just hope theres a good algorithm for the actual app. As oppose to youtube…


That’s because this forum is from Discourse so it’s not as editable than others. But for what we need it is really good. As for the app’s algo that’s a different case, we still don’t know yet.

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Do I get a cookie for reading all of it? :joy::joy::cookie:

But in all seriousness, it would be great to have those features. Too bad the forum can’t be edited.

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Send me your address, I’ll send you 10 :clap:t2::gift:

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I just want to add onto this that once the app comes out, the activity on this forum will certainly drop again.

Solid post. Really great points. I think your right on many fronts. Something to keep in mind is the current state of the forum is essentially a beta test. So, ideas like yours could eventually be what the forum becomes.

I really like your point about the discord. It really has done wonders as far as collaboration and dialogue. @kaden knows what’s up.


I agree, this forum will mostly be only people that care about v2’s development, issues, and design changes once it comes out. The entertainers will probably disappear once it’s released.

thats true, but it is always good to have a platform for news, updates, suggestions and questions.

You really got good ideas for days bro