The future climb of byte

A lot of you have noticed byte has slowed down. The initial hype has gone and now we have hit the first “ Plateau“ it’s not a flat line at all, the app will forever be growing. It’s just a little slow, just as tiktok was slow at first, about a year and half ago to almost 2 years. Everyone thought tiktok was cringe, then creators started using it and made funny tiktoks, the app started to look good after months of proving it self with its popular creators, all those youtube complications, etc.

That’s what byte needs, for us to keep posting funny content, have complications of amazing funny jokes, everyone taking about byte, not saying it’s better than tiktok and that tiktok sucks, but that byte is just funny, and new and interesting etc.

I bet byte will see huge success within the next year. At least 6 months from now. Unless something comes out of no where.

This is a waiting game, we are dedicated so let’s just see this through.


I think what put some people off is that the initial popular creators on the pop page weren’t actually very funny for a lot of people (no offence lol) they were just rebooting each other. now smaller funnier people r growing and the app is funny as hell if you go on popular 2 and latest


yeah these popular / spotlight pages are full of “famous people only” boosting groups LMAOO, it’s kinda sad cause even if the byte isn’t funny or good, they’ll still hit the page bc of the boosts


Yeah dom said they’re trying to counteract that.


Yeah that, also bots too.


Byte doesn’t have quite a “flagship” face yet. Vine had Terrio and Brittany Furlan carry the app in its early stage. Eventually one or two will surface on Byte.


Spot on Becka. Some of it is hype dying down but the other was the popular page algorithm and bots. But yeah in the early stages of this app its a long process but its possible to grow. And more creators will eventually gain. :sunglasses::ok_hand: