The First Hours of v2

just wanna share how nice it is to see the positivity and collaboration of the community thus far, and say that it is what i was hoping for. im glad to be a part of it.

now let’s just keep it goin’


I think this will be was different than the first app and have way more togetherness as a community


I agree, can’t wait to see where it goes from here. @dom has had the right idea in mind


why will this app have more community?

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Because that is the focus @dom is pushing as a creator and most of the people in this community want that for v2. I think it is a very possible option for v2 as a platform and hopefully it will start out and continue to be a social media about having that positive community.


Once the app launches there will be an influx of randoms and some will try to imploy toxicity. It’s important to stay friendly and be as much of a positivite community as we can


I agree, hopefully it stays friendly and stays positive.

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