The Fight Against Covid-19 “Empowering The Community”

Let me start off by saying, this isn’t to take away from our health care professionals, military or police or any other essential workers putting their lives on the line to help our communities get through a tough time. You are all heroes and you are the backbone of America and countries all across the world.

Not only are you heroes right now but you’re heroes 365 days of the year.

With that said, I want to take a moment to give some love to the artists in our community.

Those of us who make our income from creating. Musicians, photographers, painters, filmmakers, writers. To anyone who expresses themself in some form or another through art, this message is for you.

I know we are not essential for survival, in fact, if we all died today the human race would live on.

I’m not essential and I’m ok with that, nobody held me down and told me to pursue a career in self-expression. I chose this life, all on my own.

But consider this, what are the majority of people doing in the world in their spare time in 2020?

I’ll answer that… People are consuming art and media and using this to piece together a narrative and form an opinion on well, life.

As humans, we use art to learn, to connect and to express ourselves. Art is a symbol of our humanity.

You may be one video, painting, photo, song or one byte away from a piece of content that could change the world in a positive and meaningful way.

Some people, places, and entities are using this vulnerable time in our history to divide us, to corner the market and to make political statements.

But this is not the time for politics or for selfish acts of greed.

No, this is the time for our communities to come together as one people.

We have the power to spread love and positivity to millions of people in the click of a button, that’s more powerful than any Corona Virus could ever be.

We have the power to give people strength over fear and spread love hatred, that’s much more infectious than Covid-19.

So, I ask this of you, keep this message going, make your own post as an artist.

We will get through this, separately yet together.

Share this message and create your own, tagging the city, state and country you’re from, Much Love, Jordan Miller

This isn’t only about artists, this is about anyone who has a voice and wants to use it!


Love you beautiful, thank you for the positivity

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Love ya mayn! :metal::blue_heart:

How do I rebyte this to show the whole world ??? So wholesome. love you & I love this :white_heart::sparkles:


I’m not sure yet, it was originally a Facebook post but then I realized it made just as much if not more since posting it the byte community forum.

Something I will have to think on.


Thanks Jordan :slightly_smiling_face: I appreciate you!


I love this work. Where do I find it on Facebook? I am not active on Facebook because they only allow a 5,000 friend limit there.

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@JordanFilms on Facebook! :blue_heart::metal: