The Fame Game

There’s a lot of discussion around fame on here on both sides. I’ve commented, you’ve commented, we’ve all commented.

Just want to send a reminder that no one else’s opinion matters but yours! Don’t get discouraged, don’t get angry and don’t take anything personal. Creative discussions are fun and can often be insightful but regardless of where you stand, don’t feel an obligation to appease a dissenting opinion.

You do you, be whoever you want to be, do whatever you want to do

Regardless of where I stand on the matter, I wanted to share some free and quick classes from skillshare that will help those wanting to succeed in the online/social media realm!

Building and Branding Your Own Success

Content Marketing that Stands Out

How Creatives and Brands can build their following

Getting to Better Ideas

Those are a nice beginning to figure things out!

(I also don’t get anything out of anyone taking those classes lmfao no affiliate links or anything here)


Just don’t forget where you came from :musical_note:

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absolutely! 100% :sunflower:

How much did Skillshare pay you for this? :joy::joy::joy:


lmfaoooo i really wish they did pay me