The fake v2 app

With all this talk off which app everyone’s going to, I was just curious about your guy’s thoughts about the fake “v2.” I know oevo seem to be the best option (though shitty) but I was wondering if maybe the app is actually a good alternative

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Idk, I suppose so tbh. They just remarked about how V2 is “dead,” even though it’s only postponed. I guess it’s where people will go cuz it’s basically like Vine, it’s relatively new, and it’s the closest thing to v2. That’s just what i think tho.

I honestly, truly don’t believe there is a good, proper alternative app out there yet.


Oevo will never feel the same as v1, especially since it’s like the app was made in a week tops

Oevo is definitely not the best option. I might suggest most other social media platforms. I’d say all, but that one with the fidget spinner loading icon is definitely still worse :cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


You got to factor popularity as well, OEVO is the best option right now lol

Oevo is not more popular than YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, OR Musically. Least popular of those is Musically and the trending posts get well over 1 million likes

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I meant if your someone who wants to get discovered or become big with an APP similar to v2. The other platforms are extremely hard to break into unless you have a following from another platform or are famous.

I mean oevo sucks balls but what if everyone went on there…I bet they’d update it to make it work

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Honestly, Oveo seems too rushed with many errors. Won’t be using it at all and I don’t think it’s a good alternative, however it does seem similar to vine.


You make a good point but they will improve and continue to make updates! Plus Dom said he will help out the other apps. People have commented on the community of OEVO but I don’t see why we can’t just all go there and make it better. (My opinion) There are some people in the forums who aren’t willing to adapt and I think people that have dreams of making it to the big leagues need to do that sooner or later. OEVO is currently the best option for people who want to make it big and get exposure. We should help each other out on that platform.