The failings of social justice, again

Here we go.

Voting is great…but it’s a broken af system. Like…completely broken.
That is what you are failing to acknowledge here.

It’s laughable and a serious shame that you come here and start on this toxic af diatribe.


this is :grinning: :grinning: so embarrassing :grinning: :grinning: on a human level :grinning: :grinning:


It really really is.


We live in an age where information is more accessible than it has ever been. There’s more resources for me to educate myself without formal structure.


so you’ve been watching what police have been doing for years

normal as in a fundamentally racist society? no

no, no they are not


Not sorry. I lost faith in “textbooks” when I noticed that American history textbook completely removed the absolute genocide of Native Americans and basically wrote a narrative that goes something like:

“And then the Native Americans showed the settlers how to plant crops and hunt food and they had a BIIIIIG dinner and everyone lived happily ever after.”

If you think textbooks can’t be written to cater to an agenda…you are missing quite a lot.


maybe stop thinking about yourself and think about people who have been marginalised and oppressed for generations :+1:

honest to god, please just post a black square on instagram and call it a day.


No I don’t think any of us want to go back to normal because normal was still fucjing racist


Everyone who’s commented thus far has made really great points that you’ve completely ignored so I doubt you’ll listen to anyone at this point, but just in case:

From one white woman to another we DO NOT get to tell black people how to respond to 400 years of slavery, oppression, violence, inequality and disenfranchisement. You demanding that black people cater to your taste in protesting is paternalistic bullshit.


Except for the fact that a large amount of the looting is being performed by white supremacists…and the cops are purposefully causing property damage. Oooooof.

The violence is starting with the cops and white supremacists as well.

Bigger oof.


If you enslave black people for 400 years, if you “give them rights” but dont actually, and if you racially profile them specifically because of their skin, violence ensues. Peaceful protests have been tried, and they have failed. The only way the government listens is through riots and if thats the only way then I support it. (im not too worried about the destruction of property and theft. All companies are requried by law to have insurance and so the only one loosing here is a multibillion insurance companies… They can afford to!) Black Lives Matter, and some people simply do not understand the fact that peace cant be achieved when the system is racist at its core. Dismantle the police and reform the government. Riots are the language of the unheard, suppressed and bullied. The people in power are the bullies, and the black community is getting the short end of the stick here. This isnt just the USA, but it has become an INTERNATIONAL plea for help! From Canada, to Greece! People are sick and tired of having racist asshats “protecting and serving” the people. The system needs to change and this is how its changing! Period.


Man, I wrote a whole lot here and decided to delete it cause a lot of good points were already made, so i’ll leave you with this tweet i saw this morning :))



You said something that stood out to me. “This is not how civil society acts”

This is really bold considering our police force, The people we are supposed to call to “serve & protect” are the ones killing innocent people for the color of their skin. What is civil about that? Because they have the badge they’re entitled to do so? You are focusing on the way people are acting AFTER the fact of everything that’s going on. AND, there are many videos online that showcase who is doing the “looting” and who is participating in peaceful protesting. You’d be surprised at who you see is breaking shit.

Protesting is apart of our rights as humans.
And another thing… EVEN IF PEOPLE ARE BREAKING INTO SHIT AND LOOTING - THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE MORE CONCERNED OVER INVENTORY VS THE LIVES BEING LOST REALLY BAFFLES ME. Have any of you (who think this way) ever considered what you would do if you lost your mom/dad/brother/sister/aunt/uncle or other relative to police brutality and on top of that because of THEIR SKIN COLOR? Did you ever think what it feels like even for a second. When you call the people to “serve & protect” and they’re the ones who end up KILLING YOU. Please, don’t have this conversation right now when you know the world is hurting. We are hurting. We are angry. People are dying and people are retaliating. Get on the right side of history please.


Maybe consider treating them better than how you are talking to everyone here?

Just a thought…
But what the hell do I know? I’m a publicly educated mom that supports the emotional and physical well-being of my children and others…and I promote and fully endorse standing up for what’s right.


If someone doesn’t experience it, they won’t understand. I a 20 something black man fear for my life daily, because I’ve lost family members to someone wielding a badge, a gun, an animosity towards someone of my skin tone. I needed to go grocery shopping yesterday and was in fear for my life because of a cop who felt the need to make an example out of my kind, I made sure to dress as non threatening as possible, no hats, no hoodies, just blue jeans a plaid shirt, glasses with a strap on the back, and a pink floral mask. And even then I was constantly being observed by cops left and right, to the people who are partying and harassing you that’s their wrong but to say it’s hard to get behind a whole campaign to fix what wrong is going on and stop the oppression of a whole community is an ignorant statement.


Can you have a white friend go with you/go for you?
I have a friend (Asian) who we’ve set up a “shop with friends” system for after a woman racially abused her in target.
You shouldn’t need to, and I hate having to ask this, but…i’d rather you safe.



Yes, voting is important as well as protesting, therefore it’s a mix of both to bring change.

Consider questioning, Who is actually inciting and participating in the violence, harassment, and stealing? And why?

Find the answer here:

Stay woke don’t get distracted. It’s about how we’re being diverted from realities and genuine hidden issues. This blurring is the thing that makes our confused world considerably more hard to sift through thus also marking a center ground.

Quoting the article: “I cannot remain silent”

We must ensure that African Americans—indeed, all Americans—are given the same rights under the Constitution, the same justice under the law, and the same consideration we give to members of our own family. Our fellow citizens are not the enemy, and must never become so.

Too many foreign and domestic policy choices have become militarized; too many military missions have become politicized.

In Conclusion,

This is not the time for stunts. This is the time for leadership.



My best friend who’s like a brother to me is white, but he recently moved to Alabama. And I’m here in Dallas, all of my other friends are black or another minority so they’d be in just as much danger as me unfortunately


i mean as a 13 year old i know what’s going on. a lot by first hand experience. i’ve researched plenty of politicians and know who i would vote for. don’t make generalizations about the people here. and a lot of people looting are not apart of the movement


I work in political communications. I spend my days reaching out to inactive voters and convincing them to show up on Election Day. I’d say I’m pretty well-informed about the importance of voting. But unfortunately, in our political system, nothing speaks louder than money. Countless elected officials have turned their backs on their constituents in favor of wealthy donors.

That’s why we can’t rely on the government to create change. We need to get out there and yell at the sky until our voices are heard. Every single civil rights victory has been made possible by protestors, not voters.