The failings of social justice, again

At this point suburban women are losing interest in supporting the current movement. If you want change, you need support, and to get people to the polls.

I’m seeing violence, harassment, stealing. It’s not ok. Equality means acting as an equal. I respect my fellow humans but not if they aren’t treating me the same way.

My neighbors are partying all night and harassing us. We’re working 7 days a week with one 24 hour day due to covid. This is not how civil society acts. Don’t you want things to go back to normal so we can go out without a hazmat suit? Normal, so we can just hug someone without having to quarantine for two weeks?

I can excuse the occasional news story of violence. I can’t excuse what I’m seeing in person across my community.

This is aimed to the 20 somethings who think they have a clue based on too much internet time and a mediocre public school education. You must get voters to the polls if you want change. Moms are key to this and they aren’t putting up with violence and destruction.


This is condescending towards the black lives matter movement and victim blaming without addressing the root cause of the problem that is causing protests: police brutality. Don’t tell on yourself like this. Don’t make this about you.


Like why did you think this was appropriate? Your silence is more helpful than this. Not to mention the overt classism in your statement about ‘mediocre public school education’. Absolutely appalling and you ought to be ashamed. I recommend you take a moment for some self reflection.

Suburban women are losing interest in the movement because they’re not being catered to specifically? Maybe those that are ‘losing interest’ should stop asking what’s in it for them and start practicing basic empathy for others.


You seem really strong on your opinions of this, but I just wanna say that this is more than just a movement that you see come and go every year. This is about getting justice and basic, human rights that black people don’t have the privilege of experiencing. We need to support the black community no matter what! Especially now as the amount of injustices that cops commit against black people are not increasing (there were always big amounts of injustice), but it’s being filmed more. If we didn’t have phones, you would be going along on your suburban life not knowing the police brutality that was going on against black people. As the saying goes, ignorance is bliss. I recommend you searching up Emmanuel Acho on twitter and watching his pinned video cuz he does a fantastic job explaining the BLM movement and several other questions that white people have


This is a deeply condescending, misplaced comment, which completely ignores the deep seated failings of the US political system on a whole.
The two party system is stifling.

Voting is important. Nobody is saying it isn’t. But there’s also a lot of voter suppression within communities of colour, including black communities.
Also, quite frankly, the two candidates that have been provided are far right (Trump) and center right (Biden). And, honestly? Police brutality is an issue which exists, and has existed, regardless of which political party is at the head. Voting can’t change the system when it’s rigged to uphold and keep the two parties who enforce it around. You need something a little stronger than that.

Also, a lot of 20 somethings are mothers. A lot of twenty somethings have to work two to three jobs where the interact with the public and a massive variety of people daily. A lot of mothers aren’t in the suburbs. I know plenty of mothers who are out there protesting because they don’t want their baby to grow up to be gunned down in the street by law enforcement.


Hey, I wish you would look into what’s actually happening. It feels like your views may be skewed based on several reasons and I might write out a more well thought out response later.

But I wanted to address your concerns with the demographic of white suburban women, which is a key group.

A recent Reuters poll found that “College-educated white women, meanwhile, support Biden over Trump by a 23-point margin, up from 19 points in March.”

Now, there are 5 months until the election, so things can change and it’s important to keep that support. But you might be overly concerned with that 1 demographic of voters and your concern may be better directed towards the issues of police brutality and demanding real change. Here is a link to a website with several ideas and policy changes to decrease police brutality:

Also, please refrain from insulting the group of people you are trying to reach next time and just in general be respectful.


cute that you have the privilege to “lose interest” in a movement. If you are black, you don’t have that privilege. You can’t just turn off the TV and pretend it doesn’t happen.

Sure voting it important. But so are petitions. So are donations. So is educating the people around you about what is going on and why. Petitions can help get certain bills on mayors and governor’s desks to help create change and reform.

And I’m a 20 something who is clearly more compassionate and empathetic than you. Grow up and get a clue.


I’m sorry Where… where did I ask?


Wait a sec.
No no. I am a mother, and as such…I have a pretty firm grasp on what I will and won’t tolerate.

My job is not to go out and tsk tsk everyone protesting.
Property can be replaced.

I encourage my children to express their emotions, and sometimes that doesn’t look so nice, but we talk about it. We talk about other ways to cope.

You know what my job does include?
Teaching my sons to respect others. This includes respecting others emotions, others expressions, so on and so forth.
Teaching my sons to love others. To help when they can. To listen, learn, display compassion and empathy.

I’m 29. I have children. I cannot go physically stand beside those protesters…but I can and will raise my children to do better and be better…to stand up for what is right even when that means things are gonna be messy as hell.

THAT…is my job. Please keep your opinions on what moms should and shouldn’t do to yourself.


And to be completely clear:
If my sons were old enough to go out and join the protests…not only would I join them, I would pack them snacks, water, PPE, and prepare to have someone bail us all out so we could go back and keep standing.

Not sorry about it.


Feel free to put your passions to learning about your local candidates and voting for what you feel is best for your community.

It isn’t debatable that our public school system is low quality, especially in poor areas.

It isn’t debatable that allies can make or break the vote. Ego does little to woo people to your cause if your talking about a society where moms are worried about their kids safety in new ways.

I’m not here to make anyone feel better. I’m here to share knowledge. Take it or not. Peace.

If you are just mad at what I say, read some college level books on political theory.

You should read White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo. You might even learn something.


Wild ass assumptions that nobody here has ever read a college level textbook.

It is quite obvious you think you are better than everyone and smarter than everyone.


You should watch 13th on Netflix. You might even learn something.


It’s honestly quite weird that you feel like you are smarter than everyone, and assume that no one here has read a college textbook or actually have more knowledge on the subject than you do.


I’m confused on why you think that isn’t what most of us are doing? I spent an hour the other day researching local, state, and federal candidates before I mailed in my primary ballot. It’s a little condescending and sad that you seem to assume that voting isn’t a major issue for young people.


The elderly whose local pharmacy or only grocer is shut down for looting is not just “stuff that can be replaced”. Those are black communities who are causing further suffering. It isn’t condonable.

The black chief who was shot, not justifiable.

Just remember to go vote.

It’s upsetting that you seem more upset about looting than the African Americans who are murdered by law enforcement.


It’s also upsetting that police are permanently blinding people with rubber bullets aimed at the face for doing absolutely nothing but go off I guess.


Oh, my dear.
I’m currently in college- but let me let you in on a little secret. You don’t have to be in college to read collegiate texts. You don’t even have to be formally engaged in further education. Now, of course, when it comes to studies, there’s plenty behind paywalls, some of which you have to have accreditation to access outside of a house of further education.

You’re not listening to us. At all. Please. Listen. Learn.

You know how I learnt a lot about protest, riots, and other such effective methods of winning back rights which should be unalienable? From my queer elders. From my coworkers who are in their 70s who actively participated in the civil rights movements.

The revolution doesn’t only exist in a form which you (or even I) am comfortable with. As a gentleman in downtown Portland said to me two days ago, as me and my millennial friends helped clean up downtown and stopped to watch his son paint some beautiful street art on the boards covering buildings. “It takes all kinds.” It takes all kinds to topple a system.

I had to listen to my 59 year old black coworker, who happens to be a mother of four and went through desegregation, broke down in tears as she describes a small subsection of the pain and struggle her children had gone through. Part of it included how the hope she felt from voting, from speaking out in “the right way” was completely destroyed after over five decades of seeing it not function.

Voting won’t change a societal structure. Only social movements, including non-academic education and protesting, can do that.