The Exciting Thank You

Where should I start…
Long story short…

Last year when I started Vine I was so happy to be part of a community making videos. The discovery and user connecting platform was just so very good. I met good people on that app and eventually collabed with these good people. It felt so great to be making vines that in turn, made people laugh. I remember when my first viral vine hit about 300,000 loops, I was so happy to see the work I put into these vines get attention and I started to take notice in the growth of my other vines as well. I felt like the dream I had (Yes, one of my dreams was to become a Viner) was falling into place. I was avg 30 followers a week and on a good week 100. It completely blew my mind I never seen anything like that before. I never thought people would like my stuff that much. I finally found a home.

Late 2016, I was at work on my lunch break scrolling through Vine to see Vines saying “Twitter announced that Vine would be shut down”. I dismissed it because rumors circulate like that a lot on social media platforms but, I had to be sure. So I searched it up. The rumors were true. My heart dropped to the floor it was like everything was ripped away from me. I clocked into work and told my coworkers who watched Vines that it was shutting down. I was so sad that day…

About a year later…

I was on my lunch break scrolling through my phone and saw that V2 is coming. I ran outside of the break room room to say to my coworkers “V2 IS COMING!”. Some of them don’t really watch Vines so they were like “Eh.” I didn’t care. That was one of the happiest things I’ve heard in my life!

I guess what I’m trying to say is…

Thank you Dom and the staff!
For caring about the community and Vine enough to bring it back. I appreciate all the hard work you guys are doing to make this happen. I’m so excited to see this become a reality!

Thanks again!


Got me teary eyed :sneezing_face::sneezing_face:

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I got you fam. Hands tissue

makin’ me weep boi. :cry: : I can’t wait for cough vine cough V2 to come out.

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Cough Me too Cough

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