The excitement is real

I really hope this works out. I create comedy content and it kills my soul to see belly dancing and hands being thrown around to a song. I just want to see good thought out content. I get being popular for being popular and sex sells etc but there has to be a limit and it needs to be policed. I don’t want every other comment being hey baby your hot and creepy things along those lines. I will give this my whole body and soul like all the other things I’m on. Apart from youtube they take your soul and give you nothing for it. Looking forward to this I hope it’s different :grinning:


Same here. I need some good quality content!!! But also not the instagram “comedy” type of stuff either. I want to laugh until I cry like how o did with vine.

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I agree sir and I will do my best to bring you that for my name isn’t Logan Paul, which it isn’t