The Elephant in the Room: The contenttheft account [NOW DELETED]

UPDATE: It looks as though the contenttheft account has been shut down. I won’t name them here (their name is probably going around every byte group chat anyway) but the person in question is claiming someone used their email to make both the twitter and byte account. I’ll let you decide if you think that is the case.

So if you’ve been on byte the last day or two you will have seen an anonymously run account called contenttheft.

In my opinion this account did some really good work in showing some bytes that were obviously copies of tik toks, vines etc.

Stealing content ruins the app for everyone so it’s important people know they can’t get away with it.

However, there are only so many jokes in the world, and the chances of someone thinking of a joke in their head that happened to have been a vine 5 years ago is quite likely. Just look at the number of different Valentine’s Day jokes based around your Valentine being yourself. I have no doubt each creator thought of the idea themselves, they were all done differently. Surely that can’t be classed as ‘copying’.

So the question is, in your opinion where do we draw the line - what is classed as stealing content and what isn’t?

Edit: After posting this more ‘exposing’ is taking place on the account and it’s starting to go down a dangerous path of claiming very common jokes to be stolen in my opinion.


I think this content theft page brings a “witch-hunt” kind of mentality to the byte platform which is really not what we all wanted, especially in these early stages of the app.

I understand why the person is doing it but I think that as a community we were good at confronting people who stole content and were able to fix the problem the last time this happened as a group of creators but now this page is anonymous and he has no repercussions if he “exposes” someone for something that they didn’t actually do or just because he didn’t like their content/them…


The only way to determine whether content has been stolen is if someone copies another script WORD BY WORD or has a very similar concept.

Content stealers are likely to offend more than once, like the true criminals they are :angry:


Yeah the content should be so obviously copied that you would be happy calling it out without having to be anonymous


I think you can tell it’s intentional when it’s a complete scene by scene copy. Tone and everything :mask:.

A recreation of a byte with the original creator tagged is perfectly fine though.


Yeah it really has to be obvious otherwise the person calling it out starts to lose credit fast


I don’t steal content and I think of original jokes, however most of contenttheft’s bytes are just wack lmao like some are great and expose people but others are just very common jokes that don’t come from one person in particular and it’s socially acceptable to reuse lol like I’ll admit, I even did a variation of the ‘turning on’ byte that they just “exposed” someone of doing. Claiming that people are copying a joke that you’re allowed to reuse is just as dangerous as people actually stealing, word for word, jokes. So I would like them to keep posting but it’s even making me, a person who tries my absolute best to make sure I don’t accidentally copy someone, be paranoid


I definitely agree that content theft is awful and it definitely is a problem, but that’s what the report button is for! Publicly calling people out is not the answer, it just leads to a really toxic environment of people calling people out for absolutely everything.


Me last night: exposing pages will start getting exposed for being just as bad


Yeah I’m worried that something I’ve thought of in my head will have been thought by someone else in the past, unbeknownst to me!


LMAOO you did say that :joy: but yeah they just posted another one and now I really don’t like this account. If you’re going to do something like this, do it right


Imo, contenttheft is okay. What they post on there isn’t necessarily “100% stolen content”. It’s completely up for debate.

I think that’s key

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You called it! Fair play

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Let’s be honest here, some people won’t like this opinion, but this is the fax.

Most people are too afraid to be honest and criticise people doing bad stuff right now, because so many people are hung up on trying to be friends with everyone so they can be bigger on the app.

Collectively, we need to put the well-being of the app, and creativity first, before any care for how popular we are.

More people know about this content theft than will admit it, and at this point it’s not difficult to pick them out, we all just need to do a bit better.


Just in case, I confess all my dad jokes with my daughter I got from the internet and original owner of the joke goes to “Google” :blush:


I very much agree. He called me out for “stealing a joke” that I heard from my dad about 7 years ago…its a dad joke…he also shared screenshots of personal chats he’s been in with creators, and put them on blast (not very legal, If you look at gdpr). I think a lot of people have had enough for now ::grinning:


Yeah it got strangely personal, if they want to be anonymous they can’t do that…


Oof they blocked me for spitting facts lmao so yeah if I could give you guys any tips regarding this account, don’t pay attention to it. Some of their bytes are just leaving me like ??? and it’s gunna cause a toxic environment here like birb said so if they call you out for using a common dad joke, just ignore lol


On the bright side, I’ve been seeing a lot more people remembering to tag others lately :rofl:


Sure, call out content that is blatantly copied! However, I’m afraid this will grow into a monster. It will probably develop to the point where some videos hardly share a similarity to another but are put on blast for it…lets not do that