The Editor Migration

Obviously the editing community used to be a huge part of vine, whether it be anime, gaming, celebrities, etc. But I know most moved on to either Youtube and or Instagram. So with V2 supposedly releasing sometime in the upcoming months, how many of you editors are planning on posting your content there? If so what do you edit? Drop your IG @'s or YT Channels!

Or those of you that don’t edit yourselves but enjoy the work of editors, are you excited to see the fresh content?

You can find me here:
IG: madstu
YT: Madstu AMVs


Anything involving the Kirby’s dreamland theme gets me excited so I’m hoping it’s a vibrant part of V2!!

I don’t know if the old editors would come back to the restrictions of a 6.5 second platform again. If they moved on to youtube ,and are doing great, they’ll probably just focus on that. I wouldn’t mind doing some anime/video game edits… maybe that genre can finally be bigger than the spongebob memes :sweat_smile: but i doubt it.

Funny enough, most of us actually preferred the old 6.5 second restriction. Even on Instagram you find a large portion of edits to fit that time restriction, any edits we wanted to make longer we’d just put on Youtube. But I do see where you’re coming from man :sweat_smile:


I can do minor editing so I plan on using my skills on a few vines.