The Death of V*** and the Rebirth of V2

just a thought but I see all these vine compilations of the same 60 vines and it’s like everyone now is obsessed with what vine was and used these 60 vines as the basics of their obsession but it is unclear to me if most of these people actually cared about vine when it was a thing, or just want to pretend like they were. Because if everyone loved vine the way that we did here on the forum then why are all the compilations the same vines. There were thousands upon thousands of good vines you know? I hope that v2 gets the recognition it deserves and that people don’t spilt soon after the release cause there’s probably not gonna be a v3 you know…

The reason why you see the same 60 vines is because it’s what everyone likes; those are the most popular anyway. You can even tell in vine compilation videos which ones the creator likes because they stick out and you notice it. You’re definitely right in that there was such a variety of content on vine, but those same 60 vines are just what was most popular. Hell I miss a lot of my liked vines too because I didn’t save them and no one put them in compilation videos either.

I don’t think these people missed the point of vine or didn’t really care about it. They just liked vine because it facilitated a platform for content they liked, and what everyone likes is different.


I think it is interesting to see the vines that were semi-popular on vine during its time now being considered staple vines. Not hating it was just interesting. You’re right tho I think i just expected vine compilations to be more of what was /in/ people’s likes not just ones that are popular.

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