The dark mode Explore section can be A BIG problem for people with disabilities

Okay so hear me out here so I notice the Explore section is just slowly transitioning to an all dark mode look. Now I understand the appeal here for those who don’t want bright lights shining at them when they are going to bed but I could see this being a big problem for someone who has difficulties seeing. As the dark background color of the category pictures could easily blend in with the already dark background of the app itself. I could see someone accidentally tapping or going into the wrong category by mistake and it being super frustrating. So that’s why I think color backgrounds behind the Explore categories help because someone with trouble seeing could easily know what channel they are about to click on because it’s a certain color. Or people who have certain disabilities understanding etc. I can see so much going wrong with and all dark backgrounds like this.


Yeah i think there should be a settings option for light or dark mode.


advocate for Light / Dark mode toggle option


I love dark mode, but there should be an option for a light mode


Adding my name to the list. An option to toggle is preferable.


I liked all the fun colors for the categories and I was sad to see them go.


i think there should be a toggle for the old colour channels and the current one


I’ve got an idea where there should be those TV’s floating around behind the category’s, that would be cool!


As someone with dyslexia, binocular instability and meares irlen syndrome it’s actually so much easier to read, for me at least. The white text and black background is far easier on the eyes than black on white, especially combined with bright colourful icons.

But yes, also advocating for a toggle switch! Options are nice :grinning:


Yeah that is very true tbh I love dark mode because it helps with my headaches and helped me when I had vertigo at one point. but I was hoping byte would not go black and white eliminate all colors as the did with the explore section haha. So yeah a toggle would be pretty neat maybe a feature for zen mode? :sweat_smile: