The current Channel layout is messy and busy

Don’t me wrong this was a beautiful and smart design when it first launched with only 9 or so channels. But at this time it has become more cumbersome to scroll through. That is why a design where your favorites / Following are featured at the top and the others can be smaller and more linear.

Edit: Kinda similar to how Spotify does their genres, yet you would have full control over your favorites.


on twitter they said they’re already redesigning the search page, but i think this would be a good layout as well.


And a way to block certain channels from your mix. I mean kPop and harry styles may be fine for some, but I really have no interest. My mix is definitely filled with stuff I’m not interested in. And that would draw more users. If they could have a curated stream of content and can ignore the stuff they would mindlessly scroll right past.


They are working on a more personalliz “your mix” too

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I agree! I made a thread with a redesign for the explorepage

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byte wish list:
chronological following

your mix that you have say sliders that help you tweak the algorithm.

  • recent to popular
  • likes to loops
  • likes I’ve given vs channels I follow

This would allow you to give more weight to the things you want to see.


I love the idea of the channels you follow near the top.

  1. Spotlight
  2. Trending
  3. (Limited time channels or hashtags)
  4. Latest
  5. Followed channels
  6. General channels
  7. Hidden channels