The Creator of Vine Russ, just uploaded this on Twitter

"Vine should come back
RT if you agree”

I agree with him, but I know That Byte is the new Vine as it is Vine 2. I would like the idea of Byte Changing the Name to Vine, hopefully Twitter agrees on this.


I see what you want but legally twitter owns the name vine so byte couldn’t do it without being sued


There’s a HUUUUGE issue with this though. It would be in horrible taste.


vine just wouldn’t be the same in today’s society as many things were just overlooked


for this reason i put this: " Hopefully Twitter agrees” as @dom could buy the name or something

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Sorry but I don’t Agree with you.

Why ?

It gives a false expectation that the content will be the same as it was when Vine was around even though the creators on here are mostly different.

Think about it, one of the founders of the app said Vine should come back. They are aware of byte. They know it’s not the same. :pensive:

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I Know that a lot of creators on here are different, but this is a creators first app, and I think that we also have a lot of creators that are like the vine creators, this makes the app unique and I think that we could also change things on the app and it could blow Up and maybe there will be more funny content creators on the near future, and changing the name Byte to Vine will make a lot of sense.

On the other hand If there is a new app called Vine, created by Russ and @dom I’m definitely going to make content On there and obviously the app will blow up more than byte in that Case.

you don’t have to…? it’s a twitter thing or social media thing


I do think changing the name from byte to vine will bring a lot more free attention however, you have to consider how people reacted during launch day already.

I don’t mind what happens, I just want you to be aware of how people feel.

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I think that this is app is going to become an app for different types of content creators, I don’t know if you agree with me.

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