The Compassion and Awareness Channel

I would like to see a channel dedicated to people in need all over the world. Actually show what’s going on and different ways to help no matter how small. Just having an awareness can be helpful. Maybe highlight a different area every week and ways to send money or food. I haven’t thought it all out yet. I do know that this channel would receive help out of free will and compassion :heart:


That would be awesome! And if users would like to donate or contribute to the humanitarian efforts, they can be linked to the right place! Thanks for starting this @DawnaDarling


interesting idea, not sure if i completely understand. could you give some more details maybe?

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Think about Snapchat’s stories about the latest crisis or upcoming event; now, picture that with V2 featuring posts of users helping people in need and sharing appropriate links to nonprofits under V2’s official “Giving Back” category on their main page

That would be great! Showing just a place that might need some resources, and the community helping them!

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i see, this could be helpful, but i think to add onto this it would be nicer to see nonprofits, events and what not from your community in a category, and then maybe see other things from the world in a separate. idk what im saying :blep:

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I love the idea. Actually I was thinking about a PopNews channel (Like popcrave and shady music facts on Twitter). Don’t know if it would work or not but it’s something interesting to try.
Well that would be my second channel, my main would be comedy.

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That would be nice kinda like peta? Showing you information but not hard information and you can choose what to do?


And v2 could feature a donation drive that links straight to the efforts

[quote=“DawnaDarling, post:1, topic:7168”]
Maybe highlight a different area every week and ways to send money or food
[/quote] are you thinking that they should have charity events and such? There could be something, a button or such, where you can donate money, or learn more about it.

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A donation type channel sounds amazing! This can expose the general public to the reality of the world’s nature and the people around it. It could be even better, forgive me if someone already said this, if it contains links to different charity organizations along with gofundme links and much more.
Who knew that 6 seconds could change and save a life?

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All made before, still a good explanation.

Idk how long it would take to gain traction, since there will be an influx for certain types of posts

Idk. Don’t really snap

Have I seen u in Twitter Before?
(When C H E E Z E was scrolling around)

Being involved with a couple campaigns on Vine it’s definitely a good idea. A great way to get a quick and solid support network up for a cause or event too. Hard to regulate all the possible wants here but I think in the end doable.

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you might’ve! im in a few groups hahah

That is a great idea. Media today doesn’t like to talk about bad stuff for too long but this would help bring more attention to those things and hopefully the area that is going through a crisis gets more help due to this