The Communities’ Collective Effort

as many of you already know, V2 has encountered a rough patch and dom has as well. before I get into the main part of this topic I would like to highlight a couple points: dom did not say that this was the end; merely postponed until proper funding, and other developmental technicalities can come into service for the application.

remember that dom is human too, like any of us. he has bills, expectations, and responsibilities to upkeep; we chant reprimand him for a very difficult decision that he had to make to put his life and stability before the app. with that being said, we must not mourn the pause in it’s development. rather take all the sadness and put it to work on finding ways that we as a community, can help.

i have seen a couple posts about ideas such as: fundraising, patreons, gofundme’s, and looking for freelance volunteer developers that are willing to help out our program. all of these are great ideas but we need to understand that we can not make such commitments and programs without the approval of dom. doing so will not only cause tension, but possible legal actions against dom. but in the mean time, we can continue our vocal support and admiration for dom and hope for a future with V2 in it.

feel free to share further ideas here, and proactively discuss our dedication. thank you for reading.



Exactly true.


yeah for sure. I just hope that there is some thing we can do


we know mate, that’s why we constantly mentioned that we need the green light from Dom. he has his own life and his own problems but we can help out if he allows us to.

i did law for 3.5 years and am taking the lsat next year, so i can maybe look into a few of the legal aspects without officially saying anything to find any kinks that may be a problem and look into them.


i wasn’t signaling anyone out by this post, just to make that clear.




oh for sure. and all of what you brought up is 100% correct. I just feel a hair helpless right now and would love to help contribute to solving the apps roadblocks. If dom wants us, he has an army at his back. and it would make for an amazing and memorable start to the app if we all got together and made it happen. I can’t think of a single other community as dedicated to a cause than this one.


all I’m saying is that oveo is NOT our only hope! i will wait until this app is released and study and enjoy life in the meantime.


this is everything I’ve wanted to say but worded 100x better. Everything you said is exactly right.


i know, dude :relaxed:

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